Quiz: Which “A League of Their Own” Character Matches Your Personality?

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Batter up! The time has come...to ta-a-a-ke this quiz.

Take this quiz and find out which "A League of Their Own Character" matches your personality! Where do you stand as a Rockford Peach?

 Jun 29, 2018
1 of 18Choose your answer:
Which position would you want to play in baseball?
Third baseman
2 of 18Choose your answer:
How clean is your uniform?
After my custom alterations it will be clean...and cuter!
Squeaky clean
I don't remember the last time I washed it?
3 of 18Choose your answer:
Pick a nail polish color!
Bare nails for me
4 of 18Choose your answer:
How would your friends describe you?
5 of 18Choose your answer:
Your friends are sneaking out to go dancing. Do you go?
No thanks, but I'll bail them out if they get into trouble
Sure! Why not
Of course! I'm the one leading them
6 of 18Choose your answer:
If an argument gets really heated, I'm probably:
Giving personal insults
Trying to keep the peace
Throwing punches
7 of 18Choose your answer:
Your teammate forgot her socks and the game's about to start! What do you do?
Laugh at her
Your spare socks are stinky...she probably doesn't want those!
Offer her your extra pair...you always come prepared
8 of 18Choose your answer:
Men are...
Great fathers
Fun to mess with
9 of 18Choose your answer:
My fashion style can be described as...
10 of 18Choose your answer:
Who's the last person you talked to on the phone?
My son/daughter
My best friend
My spouse
11 of 18Choose your answer:
Coach is yelling at you. How do you react?
I argue back
I sass him behind his back
I stay calm and take the heat
12 of 18Choose your answer:
On a long team bus ride you can find me:
Entertaining everyone with my funny stories
Writing a cute song for our team
Going over game plays with Coach
13 of 18Choose your answer:
A once in a lifetime opportunity to follow your dream requires you to leave your hometown. What do you do?
I'm already packing my bags!
I'll go, but I'm a little scared
I'm in! New town, new men, am I right?
14 of 18Choose your answer:
The All-American Girls Baseball League isn’t attracting enough crowds. What are you willing to do?
At a key moment in the game my uniform will "burst" open. Oops?
Something spectacular, like the splits!
Hit a ton of home runs. I'm just as good/even better than the boys!
15 of 18Choose your answer:
It's time for beauty school lessons. How do you feel about this?
Annoyed. I already have perfect etiquette!
Woo! Free snacks
I'll try really hard not to laugh this time, but I make no guarantees!
16 of 18Choose your answer:
What special item(s) are in your baseball locker?
Pictures of loved ones
An autographed baseball from my all-time favorite player
Fan letters from all of my admirers
17 of 18Choose your answer:
How do you perform under pressure?
Not good, but not bad either
I thrive
I crumble
18 of 18Choose your answer:
Your team just lost the World Series after an amazing season. How do you feel?
I'm devastated, but we'll learn from our mistakes
I'm glad the season is finally over!
I can't complain. I've made incredible friends this season.
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We all know there's no crying in baseball. But do you know which lovely lady of "A League of Their Own" you'd be? Play in the big leagues and see which Rockford Peach shares your personality! Just be prepared to get "dirt in the skirt"! We're all for one, we're one for all, we're all...obsessed with this movie!