How Witty Podcast Founder Yasmin Alameddine Celebrates Women In Tech

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Photo courtesy of Witty: Women In Tech Talk To Yaz

Women in tech unite!

Meet Yasmin Alameddine, Founder and Host of Witty Podcast

It's no secret that the tech industry in America is dominated by men. According to a recent data report, less than 20 percent of women make up U.S. tech jobs, even though they make up more than half the U.S. workforce.

One woman who hopes to empower women of all ages in the tech industry is Yasmin Alameddine, who hosts Witty: Women In Tech Talk To Yaz, a podcast where female tech leaders share their stories.

We chatted with Yasmin about how Witty Podcast came to be, which women inspire her, and so much more. Scroll below to learn how she celebrates women in tech!

Photo courtesy of Witty: Women In Tech Talk To Yaz What inspired you to start Witty: Women In Tech?

Yasmin: When I was an undergraduate student at Cornell, I took a few classes focusing on data and mobile technology and found that I really enjoyed the technology world. But, as I was thinking of companies I wanted to work at, I was intimidated because I felt like I did not identify with the nerdy, white, male, developer -- the persona often associated with the tech industry. But, after many coffee chats, calls and interviews with bright, hilarious, diverse women working in the tech industry. So, I created Witty to share these women's stories, to prove to any woman considering joining or pivoting to the tech industry that there were a million ways to be a "women in tech." How do you decide on the content you'll share with your followers?

Yasmin: Every episode I publish is an interview with a woman leader who shares her journey and perspective on the technology industry. I ask them to share their earliest memory interacting with technology, the challenges they have faced in the industry, recent technology news that excite them, and career advice.

Photo courtesy of Witty: Women In Tech Talk To Yaz What do you hope others take away from your podcast?

Yasmin: I hope my listeners learn that there is not just one type of persona or stereotype that succeeds in this industry, through each of the stories that I am able to give a platform to. I hope my listeners are inspired and empowered by the many women who are transparent about the highs and lows of their careers in technology. I hope my listeners are able to learn more about the industry and become curious in any of the topics covered each episode. Who are some women that inspire you?

Yasmin: All my guests inspire me! But, for the sake of this question: Eva Chen currently inspires me. After an incredible career in the fashion magazine world, Eva Chen now is Director of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram. Eva's incredible career path is very impressive. But what inspires me most about her is her authenticity. She documents her entire life on Instagram from raising her adorable young children, working out with her team to going to glamorous fashion weeks all over the world. Although she leads an extremely enviable life, she carries herself with so much humility. She is self-deprecating, honest when she feels overwhelmed by balancing work or family, and always shows gratitude to her colleagues and family. What can we expect from you in the near future?

Yasmin: More episodes and more partnerships! You can expect to hear even more interviews with incredible women in the technology industry, and see Witty partnering with organizations that empower women (just like!) and organizations that equip women to join and thrive in the technology industry. What are your Top 9 Podcast choices?


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