10 Hilarious Ways "Moonstruck" Is Exactly Like Your Italian Household

moonstruck, Nicolas Cage
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Snap out of it!

30 years after its release, "Moonstruck" is just as iconic and accurate as ever! Every Italian-American can relate to the Castorini family in this beloved classic starring Cher, Nicolas Cage, and Olympia Dukakis! See which spot-on details from "Moonstruck" have us laughing in agreement!

1. Eggs In A Frame

"Moonstruck" via MGM/UA Communications Co.

Whether you call it eggs in a frame, eggs in a hole, or something else entirely, you've definitely had this meal before! Watching Rose Castorini drop an egg into the bread's center cutout is an all-too-familiar sight!

2. Everyone Has A Nickname

"Moonstruck" via MGM/UA Communications Co.

It's nearly impossible to grow up in an Italian household and not have a nickname! "Bobo" the waiter reminds us that nicknames don't always make sense and there's probably a long story to them! Whatever you're called, it's definitely a term of endearment!

3. It's Never Dull When You Walk Through The Front Door


You might have to warn friends about the hustle and bustle of an Italian household before bringing them inside! As Cher has said "everybody is eating and talking and shouting—but you have such good times." Who knows if you'll be greeted by dogs or the sounds of a Vikki Carr record!

4. Pets Are A BIG Deal

"Moonstruck" via MGM/UA Communications Co.

Like Grandpa Castorini, people treat pets like royalty in Italian households! They get the best meals and they truly are a part of the family! Just don't test Nonna's patience too much when giving handouts!

5. Old Family Photos Are Everywhere

"Moonstruck" via MGM/UA Communications Co.

Family is everything. Like the Castorini household, you can find pictures of relatives in every nook and cranny in your home! It's also likely that Christmas Cards are on display year-round!

6. Weird Superstitions And Death

"Moonstruck" via MGM/UA Communications Co.

Okay, this one's not as dark as it seems! Some old-school Italian relatives are more superstitious than others and it's probable that death comes up in conversations after dinner! These sayings are usually taken with a grain of salt though!

7. Overly Dramatic


Just like every character in "Moonstruck", we can all be a little dramatic! What can we say? We're PASSIONATE. It's in our blood! Count on Mom or Nonna to have a saying or comeback so dramatic you can't help but laugh! Everything that comes out of Rose Castorini's mouth is GOLD.

8. The Opera

"Moonstruck" via MGM/UA Communications Co.

There's something special about Opera. There's a reason Ronny Cammareri took Loretta to see La bohème! We can't help but get swept away in the emotion of it all. Ronny sure knows a thing or two about belting it out: "I LOST MY HAND. I LOST MY BRIDE!" Classic.

9. Life Revolves Around The Kitchen

"Moonstruck" via MGM/UA Communications Co.

What's the best room in an Italian-American household? Easy: the kitchen. EVERYTHING happens here. Whether you need to laugh, cry, fight, or talk into the wee hours of the night, there's no better place to be than the kitchen. It makes perfect sense that the iconic climax of "Moonstruck" takes place here!

10. Family Is Everything


The number one priority in an Italian household is family. It's likely that you were surrounded by cousins your whole life and Sundays were spent at Nonna's. Your family is proud, loving, one-of-a kind, and there for you always. We wouldn't have it any other way!