Why Aren’t My Snapchat Views Going Up? Is The View Counter Broken?


Find out why!

If you’ve been using Snapchat and noticing that your views aren’t increasing like they normally do, you’re not alone. Plenty of Snapchat users have been reporting that they are getting wrong or inaccurate view numbers on their snaps lately. You might have asked yourself: “Why aren’t my Snapchat views going up? Is the view counter broken?

If you’re worried that Snapchat is throttling the amount of people able to see your story or somehow changed how it words in the last few days, keep reading!

Why Aren’t My Snapchat Views Going Up? Is The View Counter Broken?


Most likely, Snapchat and its view counter is not broken. While it is possible that Snapchat is not working properly or is not showing your views accurately, chances are that the reason for less views on your snaps is for a much less sinister reason.

It is possible that you are simply posting snaps at less popular times of the day or week. If you’ve noticed your view number going down and decreasing lately, it could also be because Snapchat removed its autoplay feature.

If you want to get more views on your snaps, you should follow best practices by posting more frequently and only posting the most valuable content for your followers.

If you still have more questions or problems with Snapchat, feel free to visit the official Snapchat Support page.

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