Why Is Snapchat Crashing On Android When I Open It? | SOLVED: How To Fix It


Here's what to do if Snapchat keeps crashing on your Android phone when you try to open it!

Is your Snapchat Crashing on Android when you open it?? Below are steps you can use to troubleshoot just what might be causing the issue.

Keep in mind that you should always make sure you're running the latest version of the Snapchat app as well as the latest version of your phone or tablet's operating system before following these steps.

What To Do When Snapchat Is Crashing Or Not Working On Your Android Phone:


1.) Restart Your Phone Or Tablet:

Always try restarting your phone or tablet first if you're having trouble with Snapchat.

2.) Check Internet Connection:

If restarting your device doesn't help, please try using Snapchat both on Wi-Fi and on your mobile data connection to see if the problem is because of a weak Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

3.) Make Sure You Have The Latest Snapchat Software Update For Android Device:

Latest Android Snapchat Download:

4.) Make Sure You Have The Latest Operating System For Your Android Device:

Latest Android Software Download:

5.) Check Snapchat Down Detector Outage Map:

Snapchat Down Detector Outage Map is a service that allows you to check outage issues that could be affecting your area.

6.) Delete And Re-install The Snapchat App:

  • Go to your Android phone or tablet's "Settings" and tap "Applications."

  • Tap "Manage Applications"

  • Find The Snapchat app and tap "Uninstall."

  • Go to the Google Play Store,

  • Re-install Snapchat

  • Then log-in with your username and password.

Try the app out now and if you still have no luck, you can learn how to report the bug here so Snapchat can investigate the issue further.

If you have more unanswered Snapchat questions you can find answers and help directly from the source by going to Snapchat's Support Center.

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