Quiz: This Is The Hardest "White Christmas" Movie Quiz You'll Ever Take

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"I don't know what he's up to, but he's got that Rodgers and Hammerstein look again."

Think you know Ivring Berlin's iconic movie, "White Christmas" starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye? Try passing this trivia quiz and see if you can truly call yourself a real fan!

 Dec 01, 2019

1 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Bob and Phil are both veterans who served in which war?
The Vietnam War

2 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Bob and Phil's musical act is called:
Wallace and Davis
Forgotten Soliders
The Old Boys

3 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Why does Bob perform with Phil even though he would be successful as a solo act?
Bob lost a bet to Phil
Phil saved his life when they were serving together
Bob promised he would if they got home alive from the war

4 of 22Name This Character:

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Bob Wallace
Thomas F. Waverly
Phil Davis

5 of 22Choose Your Answer:

In the beginning, who has the most credibility as an entertainer?
Bob Wallace
Phil Davis

6 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Where do Bob and Phil meet Betty and Judy?
A diner
A nightclub where the women are performing
At a bar where the men are performing

7 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Bob, Phil and the girls all end up taking the train to Pine Tree, _____________.
New York

8 of 22Name This Character:

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Judy Haynes
Betty Haynes
Emma Allen

9 of 22Choose Your Answer:

What do Bob and Betty fight about when they first meet?
Betty thinks Bob is a poor entertainer
Bob believes that everyone in show business has an angle
Bob tries to give Betty tips to improve her act

10 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Why is Waverly's lodge unsuccessful?
There's no heat
Rates are too expensive
There's no snow

11 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Why do Bob and Phil decide to stay and help the Inn out?
The owner was their former commanding General in the war
The girls offer to give them half their salary
Bob can get a variety show to broadcast the performance

12 of 22Name This Character:

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Thomas F. Waverly
Phil Davis
Bob Wallace

13 of 22Choose Your Answer:

How does Bob get word to the rest of his troop about coming to the Inn?
He sends them all telegrams
He calls all of them
He makes an announcement on television

14 of 22Choose Your Answer:

The show at the Inn was going to premiere the night of which day?
Christmas Day
New Year's Eve
Christmas Eve

15 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Betty decides to take a job offer in which city?
New York City
Los Angeles

16 of 22Choose Your Answer:

What is the name of the busy body housekeeper who works at the Inn?

17 of 22Name This Character:

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Susan Waverly
Betty Haynes
Judy Haynes

18 of 22Choose Your Answer:

What song do the veterans sing when they greet the General?
Count Your Blessings
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
The Old Man

19 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Why did Judy want Phil to go along with the fake engagement?
To one up Betty and Bob who were already engaged
In hopes that Betty would settle down
She had made a bet with Betty that she would be engaged by Christmas Eve

20 of 22Choose Your Answer:

What happens at the end of the Christmas Eve show?
It starts to snow
The whole town shows up with money to help save the Inn
Bob proposes to Betty

21 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Bing Crosby sings "White Christmas" in which other movie?
Holiday Inn
Miracle on 34th Street
Babes in Toyland

22 of 22Choose Your Answer:

What gift does Bob receive from Betty at the end?
A knight in shining armor
A new piano
A nutcracker
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