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"People?! I ain't 'people'!"

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 Oct 14, 2018
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Question: 1/20Choose Your Answer:

In the movie, Gene Kelly plays an actor named ______ Lockwood.

Question: 2/20Choose Your Answer:

What is the name of Donald O'Conner's solo song?
Singin' in the Rain
Make 'Em Laugh
Good Morning

Question: 3/20Choose Your Answer:

What is Don Lockwood's motto?
Finders keepers, losers weepers.
The early bird gets the worm.
Dignity, always dignity.

Question: 4/20Choose Your Answer:

What does R.F. play for the guests at the cast party?
A news broadcast about the premiere
A movie with sound
A song by Lina

Question: 5/20Finish The Lyrics!

"Let the __________ clouds chase everyone from the ________, come on with the rain, I've a smile on my face..."
Stormy, place
Grey, theater
Gloomy, world

Question: 6/20Choose Your Answer:

Who plays Kathy Selden?
Debbie Reynolds
Judy Garland
Jean Hagen

Question: 7/20Finish The Lyrics!

"Moses supposes his toeses are ______ but Moses supposes erroneously..."

Question: 8/20Name This Character!

donald o'conner as cosmo brown, Singin' In The Rain, movies
Don Lockwood
Cosmo Brown
R.F. Simpson

Question: 9/20Choose Your Answer:

How do Don and Kathy first meet?
They meet at the movie premiere
He jumps in her car
She is a dancer at the cast party

Question: 10/20Choose Your Answer:

Kathy performs as a dancer at the cast party and jumps out of a:
Giant present

Question: 11/20Choose Your Answer:

Lina knows that her voice is being replaced by Kathy's. True or False?

Question: 12/20Finish The Lyrics!

"Good Morning, Good Morning to you nothing could be grander than to be in ___________..."

Question: 13/20Choose Your Answer:

What problem is R.F. and the studio faced with when they transition into filming with sound?
Don can't sing
Lina's voice
The microphones won't pick up any sound

Question: 14/20Choose Your Answer:

Debbie Reynolds was only 21 years old when she filmed the movie. True or False?

Question: 15/20Choose Your Answer:

Which famous dancer has a cameo with Gene Kelly?
Cyd Charisse
Ginger Rogers
Rita Hayworth

Question: 16/20Choose Your Answer:

Gene Kelly filmed the movie's title song, "Singin' in the Rain," while sick with a fever of over 100 degrees. True or False?

Question: 17/20Name This Character!

jean hagen as lina lamont, Singin' In The Rain, movies
Zelda Zanders
Kathy Selden
Lina Lamont

Question: 18/20Choose Your Answer:

Debbie Reynolds had no dance experience before making this movie. True or False?

Question: 19/20Choose Your Answer:

Who taught Debbie Reynolds how to dance?
Fred Astaire
Cyd Charisse
Gene Kelly

Question: 20/20Choose Your Answer:

At the end of the movie, how does the audience find out that Lina is lip-syncing?
Kathy comes out from behind the curtain singing
The stage curtain is pulled up behind her revealing Kathy
Don cuts off Kathy's microphone
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