Quiz: Think You Can Pass This Ultimate Baby Boomers Quiz?

movies/tv, classic movies, pillow talk, doris day, Rock Hudson

Calling all Baby Boomers!

Take this ultimate Baby Boomers quiz and see how well you know this generation's movies, slang, tv shows and much more!

 May 15, 2018
1 of 50Who Am I?
Lucille Ball
Betty White
Doris Day
2 of 50Pick Your Answer!
What does "grody" mean?
3 of 50Pick Your Answer!
What was Elvis Presley's first movie?
Love Me Tender
Viva Las Vegas
Singin' in The Rain
4 of 50Pick Your Answer!
Who did Elizabeth Taylor marry twice?
Ron Howard
Clint Eastwood
Richard Burton
5 of 50Name The Object!
Tea pot cap
Faucet wedge
6 of 50Name The Movie!
classic movies, high society, grace kelly, bing crosby
High Society
My Fair Lady
Some Like It Hot
7 of 50Pick Your Answer!
Who are the Fab Four?
The Ghostbusters
The Beatles
8 of 50Pick Your Answer!
Which band sings the song, "I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)"?
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
9 of 50Who Am I?
James Stewart
Paramount pictures / Universal Pictures
James Stewart
Cary Grant
Gregory Peck
10 of 50Pick Your Answer!
What does "made in the shade" mean?
A bad time
A dark place
A good situation
11 of 50Name The Movie!
wizard of oz, movies/tv, school, Music, relationships, politics, pop culture
Meet Me in St. Louis
Gone with the Wind
The Wizard of Oz
12 of 50Name The Object!
Tuning keys
Hunting knife
Can opener
13 of 50Pick Your Answer!
Which of these actresses NEVER danced with Fred Astaire?
Ginger Rogers
Joan Crawford
Rita Hayworth
14 of 50Pick Your Answer!
The "Red Scare" was the fear of _____________ spreading across the United States.
The Plague
15 of 50Name The Show!
movies/tv, cheers
16 of 50Who Am I?
Buddy Holly, rock and roll, black and white, 1950s, celebs, Music, pop culture
Hank Williams
Buddy Holly
Chuck Berry
17 of 50Name The Movie!
movies/tv, classic movies
United Artists
Some Like It Hot
Raging Bull
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
18 of 50Pick Your Answer!
Who was the 35th President of the United States?
George W. Bush
George Washington
John F. Kennedy
19 of 50Who Am I?
movies/tv, West Side Story, Natalie Wood
United Artists
Natalie Wood
Kim Novak
Joanne Woodward
20 of 50Pick Your Answer!
What does "pile up on some Z's" mean?
Stock up on beer
Get some sleep
21 of 50Name The Object!
Library card catalogue
Flashcard organizer
Filing cabinet
22 of 50Name The Show!
Sony Pictures Television
Family Ties
The Jefferson's
All in the Family
23 of 50Pick Your Answer!
At which university did the National Guard open fire during a protest that left four students dead?
Kent State University
Miami University
Penn State
24 of 50Pick Your Answer!
The Beatles performed for the first time in the U.S. on The Ed Sullivan Show. True or False?
25 of 50Who Am I?
marlon brando
Marlon Brando
Tony Curtis
James Dean
26 of 50Pick Your Answer!
If someone is "kookie" that means they are:
27 of 50Pick Your Answer!
"Big Girls Don't Cry" is by Frankie Valli & the _________ Seasons.
28 of 50Pick Your Answer!
The National Anthem was broadcasted every night at 1 A.M. True or False?
29 of 50Name The Object!
Portable radio
Rabbit ears
30 of 50Name The Movie!
The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman, movies/tv
AVCO Embassy Pictures
The Graduate
Midnight Cowboy
31 of 50Name The Show!
Happy Days, Music, movies/tv
Getty Images/ABC
All in the Family
Different Strokes
Happy Days
32 of 50Pick Your Answer!
Who was the first man to walk on the moon?
Buzz Aldrin
Pete Conrad, Jr.
Neil Armstrong
33 of 50Pick Your Answer!
If Suzy says that Friday night's party was a bash, she means it was:
34 of 50Name The Object!
Horse shoes
Roller skates
Dish servers
35 of 50Pick Your Answer!
What was a party line?
A group of people designated to organize parties
A phone circuit that was shared by a group of people
Lines you would wait in at new clubs
36 of 50Who Am I?
movies/tv, I Love Lucy
Lucille Ball
Rita Hayworth
37 of 50Name The Movie!
movies/tv, classic
Warner Bros. Studio
Singin' in the Rain
The Sound of Music
Gone With the Wind
38 of 50Pick Your Answer!
Which of the following songs is NOT by Elton John?
Tiny Dancer
American Pie
Crocodile Rock
39 of 50Pick Your Answer!
Where was John F. Kennedy assassinated?
Chicago, IL
Nashville, TN
Dallas, TX
40 of 50Name The Show!
Andy Griffith Show, pop culture, movies/tv
The Andy Griffith Show
Leave It to Beaver
41 of 50Pick Your Answer!
A knuckle sandwich is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made with strawberry jelly. True or False?
42 of 50Who Am I?
movies/tv, pillow talk, Rock Hudson
Spencer Tracy
Rock Hudson
Tony Randall
43 of 50Name The Object!
Mini fridge
Ice Box
External oven
44 of 50Name The Show!
movies/tv, The twilight Zone, rod serling
The Twilight Zone
The Honeymooners
Sandford & Son
45 of 50Pick Your Answer!
What were you instructed to do during an air raid drill at school?
Hide under your desk
Sit against a wall with your head down
Go to the basement
46 of 50Pick Your Answer!
Telephone numbers used to begin with letters. True or False?
47 of 50Pick Your Answer!
What does it mean if someone is an "ankle biter"?
They are wearing high heels
They are teething
They are acting like a child
48 of 50Who Am I?
celebs, grace, kelly, grace kelly, actress, hero, result
Audrey Hepburn
Grace Kelly
Joanne Woodward
49 of 50Name The Movie!
Psycho, movies/tv
via Paramount Pictures
Sunset Boulevard
50 of 50Pick Your Answer!
Carly Simon sings which iconic song?
You're So Vain
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Dancing in the Street
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