Quiz: Live A Day In Neverland To Reveal How Old Your Soul Truly Is


When there's a smile in your heart, there's no better time to start!

Take this unique Disney quiz and find out how old your soul truly is by living a day in Neverland just like Peter and the Lost Boys!

 Mar 19, 2018
1 of 20Would you want to fight pirates?
Only if I had to
Not really
Of course!
2 of 20Pick a game!
Walt Disney Studios
Hide and Seek
3 of 20The Lost Boys want you to tell them a bedtime story, pick one!
Walt Disney Studios
The Frog Prince
Hansel and Gretel
4 of 20Choose An Animal Totem!
Walt Disney Studios
5 of 20Peter lost his shadow again, how do you reattach it?
Walt Disney Studios
Ask the Indians for help
Try using pixie dust
Tie it to his feet
6 of 20What would you do if the mermaids starting splashing you?
Walt Disney Studios
Jump in for a swim
Threaten them
Splash them back
7 of 20Choose A Lost Boy!
Walt Disney Studios
8 of 20Would you shoot the Wendy bird down?
Walt Disney Studios
If Peter told me to
No, I have horrible aim
9 of 20Choose A Quote!
Walt Disney Studios
"Think of the happiest things, it's the same as having wings!"
"Second star to the right and straight on til morning."
"All of this has happened before and it will happen again."
10 of 20Were you stubborn about taking medicine when you were a kid?
Walt Disney Studios
Not really
11 of 20Where would you have your hideout in Neverland?
Walt Disney Studios
Pixie Hollow
Crocodile Creek
Mermaid Lagoon
12 of 20The pirates ask Wendy to be their mother, you tell her:
Walt Disney Studios
To pretend to be their mother to gain their trust
Not to do it
If that's what she wants then you won't stop her
13 of 20Would you choose to join Hook's crew or walk the plank?
Walt Disney Studios
Join his crew but try to escape later
Join his crew
Walk the plank
14 of 20Are you a lover or a fighter?
Walt Disney Studios
15 of 20What would you use to draw out a treasure map?
Walt Disney Studios
One of the Lost Boys shirts
Use a stick and draw it out in the dirt
A piece of parchment that you stole from Captain Hook
16 of 20What would be your happy thought?
Walt Disney Studios
Your birthday
Kittens and puppies
Christmas morning
17 of 20You are starting to forget, do you panic?
Walt Disney Studios
If it was important, I wouldn't forget it
No, I'll remember eventually
18 of 20Who would you want to visit first in Neverland?
Walt Disney Studios
The Mermaids
The Pirates
The Indians
19 of 20Wendy tries to convince you to go back home with them, do you?
Walt Disney Studios
No, you will go home when you are ready
20 of 20Which color do you wear the most?
Walt Disney Studios
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Do you ever wish you could spend a day in Neverland? Here's your chance! Find out how old your soul truly is by taking this fun Disney quiz and live a day in Neverland just like Peter and the Lost Boys!