Disney Trivia: Only A Disney Fanatic Can Get 100% On This Difficult Quiz

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Can you call yourself a Disney fanatic?

Do you love everything Disney? Put your Disney knowledge to the test & see if you can ace this Disney movie quiz that only a Disney fanatic can pass!

 May 28, 2019

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What did the old beggar woman offer the Beast in exchange for shelter?
A rose
A book
A piece of gold

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What is a "dinglehopper"?
A barret
A fork
A hair brush

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Why doesn't Shang execute Mulan?
Because she saved his life
Because he doesn't have the nerve
Because he thinks that she deserves to freeze to death

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What kind of animal is Rajah from "Aladdin"?

5 of 20Choose Your Answer:

How many stepsisters does Cinderella have?

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What does Snow White have the dwarfs do before they can eat?
Clean the dishes
Set the table

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Who kidnaps Hercules as a baby?
Pain & Panic

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What do Robin Hood and Little John disguise themselves as in the beginning of the movie?
Fortune tellers

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Which fairy from "Sleeping Beauty" wears red?

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Who was the first Disney princess?
Snow White

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Who does Alice encounter first in Wonderland?
Tweedledee & Tweedledum
The Caterpillar
The Queen of Hearts

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What game are Pascal and Rapunzel playing in the beginning of "Tangled"?
Hide & Seek

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How does Aladdin get the lamp after being trapped in the Cave of Wonders?
He didn't give it to Jafar
Jafar dropped the lamp
Abu stole it from Jafar

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What is the first word that Bambi learns?
His name

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In "Pinocchio," what do the boys on Pleasure Island turn into?

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What is the only Disney movie where the villain does not make an appearance?
The Little Mermaid

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Why does Mrs. Jumbo get locked up in "Dumbo"?
She attacks another elephant during a show
She attacks a boy who is making fun of Dumbo
She tries to escape

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In "The Jungle Book," what is Shere Khan afraid of?

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Who reveals where Peter Pan's hide out is to Captain Hook?
The Lost Boys

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What crime does Jafar tell Jasmine that Aladdin was charged with?
Kidnapping the princess
Stealing a loaf of bread
Stealing from the palace
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