You're A Diamond In The Rough If You Can Ace This "Aladdin" Quiz


Can you enter the Cave of Wonders?

Put your Disney knowledge to the test and see if you can ace this trivia quiz on Disney's classic movie, Aladdin!

 Jun 05, 2018

1 of 20Why are the guards chasing Aladdin in the beginning of the movie?

Walt Disney Studios
He stole a loaf of bread
He tried to sneak into the palace
He is a wanted criminal

2 of 20What is the name of the prince who insults Aladdin going into the palace?

Walt Disney Studios

3 of 20What is the name of Jasmine's tiger?

Buena Vista Pictures

4 of 20Who is Jafar to the Sultan?

Walt Disney Studios
His mentor
His royal assistant
His royal vizier

5 of 20What does Jafar ask the Sultan for that has "been in the family for years"?

Walt Disney Studios
Ruby ring
Platinum silver necklace
Blue diamond ring

6 of 20What animal does Jafar's staff resemble?

7 of 20The law requires Jasmine to marry a:

Walt Disney Studios
Wealthy merchant

8 of 20What does Jasmine give the little boy in the market place?

"Aladdin" via Buena Vista Pictures
An apple
A jug of water
A melon

9 of 20How does Aladdin save Jasmine from the angry merchant?

Walt Disney Studios
He tells him that she is the princess
He says she is a little crazy
He pays for the apple

10 of 20Jafar tells Jasmine that Aladdin was charged with:

Walt Disney Studios
Trying to rob the palace
Kidnapping the princess
Stealing from the merchant

11 of 20Why does Jafar want the lamp?

Walt Disney Studios
To wish to become sultan
To wish for endless amount of wishes
To give it to the Sultan

12 of 20What is the one rule of the Cave of Wonders?

Walt Disney Studios
Can only be inside for an hour
Touch nothing but the lamp
Can only take a handful of gold and the lamp

13 of 20Who shows Aladdin where the lamp is?

Walt Disney Studios
The Cave of Wonders directs him

14 of 20Why does the Cave of Wonders close?

Walt Disney Studios
Time runs out
Abu grabs a ruby
Aladdin takes a few pieces of gold

15 of 20Which of the following is NOT one of Genie's rules?

Walt Disney Pictures
Can't make people fall in love
Can't make you wealthy
Can't bring people back from the dead

16 of 20What does Aladdin go by when he becomes a prince?
Prince Ali Ababwa
Prince Al Abra
Prince Aladdin

17 of 20Who rescues Aladdin when he is tossed into the ocean by the guards?

Walt Disney Studios

18 of 20Who steals Genie's lamp from Aladdin?

Walt Disney Studios
The Sultan

19 of 20How does Aladdin defeat Jafar?

Walt Disney Studios
He tricks him into wishing to be a genie
He gets Genie's lamp back
He stabs Jafar

20 of 20Why does the Sultan let Jasmine marry Aladdin?

Walt Disney Pictures
Aladdin proved himself worthy to be a prince
He finds out that Aladdin has royal blood
Genie talks him into it
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