Hogwarts Quiz: Can You Pass Herbology 101?

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Do you have a magical green thumb?

This Harry Potter trivia quiz will determine whether you would be able to pass Herbology 101 class at Hogwarts.

 Jan 04, 2019

1 of 20What Can This Plant Do?

Move its vines
Fix up small scrapes
Cure petrified wizards

2 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Devil's Snare can grow in sunlight. True or False?

3 of 20Choose Your Answer:

What comes out of the bubotuber plant?

4 of 20When Eaten What Does This Plant Do?

Gives the user luck
Makes you grow 2 feet taller
Allows humans to breathe underwater

5 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Which book is used in Herbology class at Hogwarts?
Fantastic Plants and Where to Find Them
Magical Growth and Gardening
1000 Magical Herbs and Fungi

6 of 20Name The Plant:

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7 of 20Choose Your Answer:

The cry of the mandrake is fatal. True or False?

8 of 20Choose Your Answer:

What special ability does the Whomping Willow have?
It catches on fire before regrowing itself
Its branches move
It can shrink itself to a smaller size

9 of 20Choose Your Answer:

When must the fluxweed plant be picked to be used in Polyjuice potion?
Summer Solstice
Full Moon

10 of 20Name The Plant:

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Devil’s Snare
Venous Vines

11 of 20Choose Your Answer:

What do mimbulus mimbletonia secret when threatened?
Plant Poison
Petrification Pus

12 of 20What Can This Plant Do?

Venomous Tentacula
Provide magical energy
Bite its victims
Create a Horcrux

13 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Bubtober pus can be used on acne. True or False?

14 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Which spell would NOT be effective against devil's snare?

15 of 20Name The Plant:

Warner Bros.
Mimbulus Mimbletonia
Magical Marigold
Flowering Nimbus

16 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Essence of the dittany plant can NOT be used for....
Petrifying people
Potions ingredient

17 of 20Choose Your Answer:

How can you freeze the Whomping Willow?
Pressing a knot on the trunk
Touching its leaves
Saying a password

18 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Which spell would stop the vines of a venomous tentacula?

19 of 20Name The Plant:

Warner Bros.
Moaning Myrtle
Whomping Willow
Banishing Beech

20 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Which magical plant is NOY in the Harry Potter series?
Bat Plant
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