Quiz: Which My So Called Life Character Are You, Really?

claire danes, jared leto, my so called life, movies/tv

"You're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you."

a personality quiz that will tell you which My So Called Life character you are, Angela Chase, Claire Danes

 Nov 26, 2015

1 of 5What's your favorite subject in high school?

my so called life, claire danes, movies/tv
Hanging out with the janitor
English, math, I'm just surviving
Skipping class and smoking
I like them all, I'm good at everything

2 of 5How many relationships have you had?

my so called life, claire danes, movies/tv
None, I'm too scared
None that mattered til now
Too many to count
A few special ones

3 of 5What movie genre are you?

my so called life, claire danes, jared leto, movies/tv
Hilarious comedy, lots of pratfalls
Pure drama, over the top
Foreign film, subtitles only!
A total classic film

4 of 5What part-time job would you like best?

my so called life, jared leto, movies/tv
Babysitting, if you had to
Being one of the guy who makes snow in the mountains
A crazy cosmetics or fashion store
A record store downtown

5 of 5What would you most likely say?

my so called life, claire danes, jared leto, movies/tv
You know what I'd really like? To be put out of my misery.
Everything causes a scar - LIVING causes a scar.
This doesn't seem like a Friday.
That does have the ring of truth.
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