Quiz: What Everyday Occurrence Will Cause Your Mental Health Meltdown?

Let's see just how fragile you really are.

 Nov 10, 2015
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Question: 1/5Your thoughts on germs:

health, hygeine, germs
Nonexistent; I really don’t think about them at all
They are part of life and unavoidable
They're gross
They’re pure evil and make me stressed out all the time!

Question: 2/5How often are you "late"?

family, pregnant, housewives
1 to 2 times a year
Almost every month
I'm on the pill

Question: 3/5The light turns from green to yellow... what do you do?

home, culture, city, taxi, waterfront, traffic, car, street light, highway
Slow down at first, but then change your mind and floor it
Step on the gas
Gradually slow to a stop
Slam on your breaks at the last second

Question: 4/5When someone cuts in front of you in line you:

Blow up
Politely confront them
Want to say something but feel too awkward
Don’t care

Question: 5/5Your thoughts on surprise birthday parties:

relationships, gasp, shock, surprise, surprised, stunned, stun
I love them!
Even though I’m not the biggest fan, it’s a sweet gesture
They’re the worst idea ever
Great for other people, not for me
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