Quiz: We Bet You're Not Holy Enough To Get 10/15 On This Nativity Test

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How well do you remember your Sunday school lessons?

A quiz on the story of the birth of Christ, focusing on everyone from Mary's husband to the King and every place from Israel to Egypt.

 Aug 11, 2017
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What does Jesus' name mean?
2 of 15Choose your answer!
Mary became pregnant by _________.
the Holy Spirit
3 of 15Choose your answer!
What angel came to Mary to tell her she would carry God's child?
4 of 15Choose your answer!
Who was Mary's husband?
5 of 15Choose your answer!
Elizabeth and Zechariah gave birth to ___________, who welcomed Jesus into the world.
John the Baptist
Jacob the Patriarch
Aaron the High Priest
6 of 15Choose your answer!
Where were Mary and Joseph told they could stay?
With Mary's family
In a manger
In an Inn
7 of 15Choose your answer!
Jesus was born in _________.
8 of 15Choose your answer!
What appeared in the sky upon the birth of Jesus?
A rainbow
A glorious star
The Northern lights
9 of 15Choose your answer!
Who first noticed the sign of Jesus' birth?
The King
The Shepherds
The Wise Men
10 of 15Choose your answer!
Who was the king when Jesus was born?
King Arthur
King Herod
King Francis
11 of 15Choose your answer!
The king was _______ when he heard that Jesus had been born.
12 of 15Choose your answer!
Which of these was NOT a gift from the three wise men?
13 of 15Choose your answer!
An angel told Joseph to go to _______ to escape the king's reach.
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Mary and Joseph returned to their hometown, _________, after the king's death.
15 of 15Choose your answer!
What holiday do we celebrate to remember the birth of Christ?
Palm Sunday
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