Quiz: Only A True Christian Can Get 100% On This Sunday School Quiz

Crayons won't help you take this quiz!

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 Jan 20, 2018
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Question: 1/15Choose the correct answer!

In The beginning, God created what?
Heaven & Earth

Question: 2/15Choose the correct answer!

What was the name of the tree Adam & Eve ate from?
The Tree of Knowledge
The Tree of God
The Tree of Lies

Question: 3/15Choose the correct answer!

How old was Noah when the flood happened?
150 years old
600 years old

Question: 4/15Choose the correct answer!

Who found Moses and adopted him?
Pharaoh's sister
Pharaoh's wife
Pharaoh's daughter

Question: 5/15Choose the correct answer!

Who was the first King of Israel?

Question: 6/15Choose the correct answer!

Who was the woman who got Samson to divulge the source of his strength?

Question: 7/15Choose the correct answer!

Is the Gospel a part of the New or Old Testament?
Trick question it's in both!
Old Testament
New Testament

Question: 8/15Choose the correct answer!

After the flood, what was the sign God gave to Noah that he wouldn't send another?
A rainbow
A really neat hat
A new baby

Question: 9/15Choose the correct answer!

Where was Jesus baptized?
Arabian Sea
Jordan River
The Red Sea

Question: 10/15Choose the correct answer!

How many of each animal did Moses bring into the ark?
None. It was Noah who made the ark!

Question: 11/15Choose the correct answer!

How many days did it take God to create the Earth?
6 (he rested on the 7th)

Question: 12/15Choose the correct answer!

Jonah disobeyed God and ended up in the belly of what animal?

Question: 13/15Choose the correct answer!

In the bible, David defeated a giant named ___________.

Question: 14/15Choose the correct answer!

Which of the 12 disciples betrayed Jesus?

Question: 15/15Choose the correct answer!

Joseph's father gave him what item that made his brothers jealous?
The family inheritance
Keys to the Kingdom
A colorful robe
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