Quiz: 96% Of Adults Can't Answer These 15 Questions About Space. Can You?

How well do you know the solar system? Is Pluto a planet? Let's find out.

 Sep 19, 2017
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Question: 1/15Choose the correct answer!

Which is the only planet where life has been proven to exist?

Question: 2/15Choose the correct answer!

What is the Sun?
A Planet
A Star
A Moon

Question: 3/15Choose the correct answer!

What do all the planets orbit?
The Milky Way
The Sun

Question: 4/15Choose the correct answer!

What is our galaxy called?
The Milky Way

Question: 5/15Choose the correct answer!

What is the Great Red Spot?
A smudge on the Hubble telescope
A moon orbiting Mars
A storm on Jupiter

Question: 6/15Choose the correct answer!

Saturn is famous for _________.
its very noticeable rings
being closest to the sun
its atmospheric gases that make it appear red

Question: 7/15Choose the correct answer!

Which of these phenomena happens on Mars?
Dust Storms
Diamond Rain

Question: 8/15Choose the correct answer!

Human beings have set foot on ________.
the Moon

Question: 9/15Choose the correct answer!

_________ was considered the ninth planet in the solar system until the early 21st century.
Alpha Centauri
Earth's Moon

Question: 10/15Choose the correct answer!

Most of the planets in the solar system (including Mercury, Venus, and Mars) are named after _________.
the scientists who discovered them
rulers who funded their exploration
Roman deities

Question: 11/15Choose the correct answer!

How long does it take Earth to make one rotation on its axis?
24 hours
365 days
12 hours

Question: 12/15Choose the correct answer!

Would you weigh less or more on Mars than you do on Earth?
The Same

Question: 13/15Choose the correct answer!

What is the largest body in the solar system?
The Sun

Question: 14/15Choose the correct answer!

What planet is closest to the Sun?

Question: 15/15Choose the correct answer!

Approximately how long does it take Earth to make one orbit around the Sun?
28 days
24 hours
365 days
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