Quiz: How Well Do You Really Remember “One Day At A Time?”


America was obsessed with this show from the 70's and even into the 80's. But how well do you remember it?

All In The Family was a hit sitcom with relatable characters and edgy themes. How well can you remember it?

 Jul 05, 2017
1 of 12Choose the correct answer!
What word best describes Julie?
Mild mannered
2 of 12Choose the correct answer!
Who is NOT one of Ann's daughters?
3 of 12Choose the correct answer!
Who does Julie end up marrying?
4 of 12Choose the correct answer!
What was the name of the show's hilarious superintendent?
Harvey Billingsley
Dwayne Schneider
Dick Bunker
5 of 12Choose the correct answer!
Who was Ann's love interest in Season 6?
Nick Handris
Jim Ferrell
Harold Keller
6 of 12Choose the correct answer!
Why does Alex move in with Ann?
He was kicked out of his house
His father ran off to London and left him alone
His father died in a car accident
7 of 12Choose the correct answer!
What did Julie name her daughter?
Little Annie
Little Janie
Little Babs
8 of 12Choose the correct answer!
Who said, "I'm the only girl who has to go to Confession and make up sins"?
9 of 12Choose the correct answer!
In what city does the show take place?
10 of 12Choose the correct answer!
At the end of the series, where does Ann move to?
Los Angeles
11 of 12Choose the correct answer!
Finish this lyric from the theme song: "While you're here enjoy the view, keep on ____."
Sitting on the couch
Looking at the moon
Doing what you do
12 of 12Choose the correct answer!
Who is Ann's neighbor and divorce lawyer, who also is her first love interest in the show?
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