These Are The 4 Most Empathetic Zodiac Signs

Do you find it easy to understand others? Does your heart break for the less fortunate? You may have been born under one of the signs that instills a powerful sense of empathy!

Pisces - For Wisdom

Pisces are compassionate and gentle, but they are also very wise. Because of this, Pisces will find it easy to notice when something is bothering a person. They might notice a problem before anyone sees that something might be wrong. Their intuition is rarely wrong and they will always have a shoulder open to cry on.

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Taurus - For Sincerity

Taurus are responsible, stable, and reliable; this means that their more chaotic friends will always come to them for emotional support. Taurus are also extremely patient, they will make the time to listen and their devotion means they will always care.

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Cancer - For Sympathy

Cancer are highly emotional and sympathetic. So when someone they love is feeling down, Cancer will often find themselves feeling the same. They are loyal to their friends and would never do anything to hurt them. Also, they're fiercely protective which means they will defend their friends through anything.

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Libra - For Fairness

Libra are highly gracious and if there is one thing they hate, it's injustice. Even when it comes to strangers, Libra are determined to right any wrongs they see. If they sense someone is feeling betrayed, or taken advantage of, their help will always be available. Libra value harmony and, while they hate confrontation, they hate inequality more.

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