The Signs In The Squad horoscope

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Who are you in your group of friends? See where you stand in the ultimate Star Squad!

What role do you play in your friend group?

Aries : The Mouth

Aries are all about that chit chat. You speak for your entire friend group even though no one in the group asked you to. You're the one who calls everyone, knows everyone, and you have ALL the gossip. If the squad is getting together, it's because you sent out that group text!

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Taurus : The Prude

You're not about that crazy, party, wake up in a Denny's bathroom with a stranger kind of life. You're the one in the group who reminds everyone where the boundaries are. We can't all be the wild child, someone has to be the responsible one dammit!

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Gemini : The Hottie

You are the heart throb of the group. Everyone wants a piece of you and come on, are they so wrong? You love spending time with your girls and you wouldn't trade them for anything. However, if it all gets a little boring, that's what those midnight FWB texts are for!

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Cancer : The Precious Cinnamon Roll

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You are too precious for this world! You live in a perfect, delicate soap bubble and your skin is about as thick as a flower petal. Literally anyone could say something that would devastate you, even if that something is "I'm sorry, Miss, we're out of pizza tonight." But have no fear! Your squad will protect you!

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Leo : The Boss

Obviously you are the best one. No one even questions it! They all know that if this squad were to have a president (or a queen perhaps?) it would definitely be you! That's why they all look for you to call the shots. If something isn't cool with you, it's not cool with anyone.

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Virgo : The Wise One

You are the smartest one in the squad and everyone, EVERYONE, looks to you for advice. You are always right, and your friends know this, they will listen to whatever you think is best. Even if it is three in the morning and you are six margaritas in, your words are gospel!

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Libra : The Mediator

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Someone is going to end up fighting (Most likely the Aries and the Scorpio) and someone is going to end up crying (Most likely the Cancer). It's your job to contain these situations. You are the cool, calm, and collected voice of reason in this otherwise swirling tornado of crazy.

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Scorpio : The Flirt

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You are the one to go out with your squad and not always leave with them. You're friends would not be surprised if you found yourself a nice hunk of eye candy to romance away the evening with. They won't hate you for it, it's just who you are!

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Sagittarius : The Wild Card

So you like to keep them on their toes eh? That's why every once in a while you will cause a little chaos, a little craziness, just to shake things up. Maybe tag someone's ex on Facebook? Snoop through your bestie's phone? Post an embarrassing throwback on instagram? It's important to keep things interesting right?

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Capricorn : The Mystery

You're fun, you're sassy, but who are you? No one really knows! You're a beloved member of this squad but you've got your lines and you do not like them to be crossed. Your friends know this and they know better than to try and push you.

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Aquarius : The Emo One


Everyone needs that dark, brooding friend in the group who reminds us all that life is tough sometimes (or all the time) and that's you! Maybe you don't go out a lot. You usually leave the party early. But hey, you still get invited to the parties right? Because your squad loves you!

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Pisces : The Real One


You are all about telling people what they need to hear. But you somehow manage to do it in such a kind and gentle way that your friends don't even realize you are calling them out. How do you do that? It's amazing! Your friends will always want you around as long as you always keep it real.

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