The Signs As Deadly Sins

It's no secret, we've all got flaws. But is there one particular trait that stands out for you? Your star sign may be able to tell you which of the seven deadly sins you are most likely to succumb!

Aquarius - Wrath

You have a tendency to let your blood boil a little too hot. So much so that your friends might feel like they need to tip-toe around your temper. It's important to let things go, as hard as that might be. Your anger won't solve your problems but sometimes a compromise will.

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Pisces - Sloth

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We all love a chance to relax, but you might be creating too many chances for yourself. Maybe you're afraid to get out in the real world and it's easier to stay home, curl up in bed, and watch five seasons of Friends without stopping. But that's not helping you, it's only keeping you from better things!

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Aries - Wrath

Your fuse is short, like, really short. It doesn't take much to set you off and your emotions often run away from you. You're known to hold grudges and your impulsiveness means that you have no filter whatsoever. Might be wise to consider some yoga or meditation, anything to calm you down.

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Taurus - Greed

What you might call practical and responsible others might see as possessive. Of course you worked hard and earned what you have. But remember that sharing is caring and you would never want your friends to resent you for considering your money before their feelings.

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Gemini - Lust

You're a bit of a flirt, which is fine. But sometimes you might find yourself getting a little carried away. You can be indecisive and curious, which means you rarely settle down with one person. Remember that it's perfectly fine to explore your options, but don't be afraid to let things go deeper than just one night.

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Cancer - Envy

The Green Monster has made a nice little home in you. You're naturally suspicious of others and insecure with yourself. Because of this, you often find yourself wanting what others have with no idea how to get it. Don't let those feelings influence you! You can have anything you want! Go out and get it! (not by stealing, of course)

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Leo - Pride

You tend to hold yourself a cut above the rest and God help anyone who tries to convince you otherwise. While your confidence is obviously a positive trait, becoming wrapped up in yourself can do more harm than good. It's important to be humble and, while adoring fans might flock to you, never let your head get any bigger than it needs to be.

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Virgo - Gluttony

You can be a bit of a worry wart, and when you worry you get stressed, and when you get stressed...well, you tend to eat. You work hard and rarely get the chance to blow off some steam. So, you might reward yourself with a treat instead of a night out. Remember, you have friends who love you and want to spend time with you! Don't be shy, get out there!

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Libra - Sloth

Sometimes you just can't. You don't want work, or talk to people, or put on pants. You just want to stay home and binge on Netflix. We know. We understand. But you can't let it slow you down! While it's nice to relax once in a while, it's important for you not to lose sight of your goals!

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Scorpio - Pride

You know your worth and you'll be damned if you let anyone make you feel small. But remember that it's lonely at the top and it's more rewarding to surround yourself with friends who love you for who you are. It might be hard to trust others and you might want to keep your real feelings secret but that proud mask will only keep you from creating real relationships.

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Sagittarius - Gluttony

You can be impatient. Like, very impatient. The kind of person who eats all the popcorn during the trailers. While you've got a great sense of optimism and your enthusiasm is infectious, it wouldn't hurt you to slow down once in a while. Let yourself relax, your life isn't going anywhere, and neither is the popcorn.

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Capricorn - Greed

You can often be found expecting the worst to happen. So you feel like you need to hold on tight to what you have. If others think that's strange, well they just don't know anything do they? It's that kind of condescending, possessive nature that will affect your relationships in a negative way. Remember to let yourself trust and be open to new possibilities!

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