The Best Exercise for You Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Aquarius - Zumba!

You are very independent but you enjoy being around others and acting as part of a group.You would most likely enjoy class like Zumba where you can be active with a large group of people while still reaching your personal goals!

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Pisces - Swimming!

Not to be too obvious, but you were born under Pisces! The fish! It's well known that pisces enjoy the water and the physical benefits speak for themselves! So don't be afraid to dive in!

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Aries - Marathon!

You like setting goals for yourself and you LOVE a challenge. Preparing for a marathon would mean constantly surpassing expectations and setting new records for your endurance while still working towards that sweet summer bod!

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Taurus - Strength & Cardio Combo!

You like to be organized and keep to your schedule. If your plan is to slim down or drop a couple pounds, you'd benefit most from setting aside a few days for cardio and a couple for strength and conditioning. Taurus always stick to their commitments until satisfied. Get started!

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Gemini - Everything!

Gemini hate repetition and routine, so it takes a lot of focus for them to stick to a work out regimen. So it would probably suit you best to try as many activities as possible until you find one you absolutely love! No one said you had to just do one thing!

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Cancer - Home Work Out!

Cancer don't feel comfortable around strangers and they really enjoy spending time at home. You would most likely enjoy doing some simple, healthy exercises in the comfort of your own home!

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Leo - Kick Boxing!

Leo are strong and amazingly confident. They are so committed to bettering themselves and achieving their goals that nothing can stand in their way. If you're a Leo, you would probably love a work out where you got to feel strong and empowered while still burning major calories!

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Virgo - Hiking!

Virgo love nature and they spend a lot of time at work or in the office. A Virgo would enjoy taking some time to explore and de-stress while achieving some epic fitness goals!

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Libra - Yoga!

Libra enjoy serenity and they are not fans of confrontation. If you're a Libra, you would probably really enjoy Yoga. Whether you're in a class or at home on your own; let the stress and the pounds melt away!

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Scorpio - Team Sports!

Scorpio are born leaders and they value their friends above everything. If you're a Scorpio looking to get more active, find some friends who are down to get together every couple days! Start a team, get outside, and have some fun!

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Sagittarius - Rock Climbing!

Sagittarius love nature and they are incredibly optimistic. They love a good adventure and would probably enjoy reaching new heights in their workouts (pun intended). If you're a Sagittarius, get out there and get climbing! We guarantee you love it!

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Capricorn - Running!

Capricorn are disciplined and highly self-motivated. If you're a Capricorn looking to get fit, you won't need much convincing to get yourself out the door every morning and wear those running shoes out! What are you waiting for?

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