13 Truths If You Are From The Midwest


Are you from that magical part of America that has the very best of everything this country has to offer? If so, then you know every single one of these things to be true!

1. The winters are brutal


It's the #1 stereotype and therefore the #1 on this list. Our winters are some of the harshest, coldest, most agonizing months you can imagine. Living there you learn to either bundle up or hibernate. No exceptions.

2. You can't hide your accent


You will always be able to tell if someone is from Chic-AH-go, "up nord" or Minnes-OH-ta. There's just no way to hide it.

3. Fall is the greatest


Autumn leaves. Pumpkin patches. Apple picking. Hot Cider. Halloween. Crisp, golden days where the air is fresh and the sun is shining through the changing leaves OH MY GOD you know you love it!

4. Hunting Season


It exists and some of us don't like that and some of us plan our whole year around it. No denying that camouflage and bright orange could arguably be the colors that represent the midwest. Except we all know that, if we did have a flag, it would be flannel.

5. You're surrounded by farms


Even if you live in one of the (few) big cities, driving twenty minutes in any direction will take you through at least two farms. If you ever have the unfortunate task of driving through Indiana, you will see corn than you ever thought possible.

6. You love going to the lake


If you have at least three friends, a cooler full of drinks, and gallon of sunscreen; you're in for an awesome day. Nothing beats an afternoon out on the water followed by a cozy bonfire on the beach under the stars.

7. Football is a religion


The most important question you will be asked is "who's your team?" and God help you if you are on the wrong side of a rivalry. Michigan and Ohio? The Packers and the Bears? Don't even get us started.

8. Corn Hole is the game of choice


How many friendships has this game destroyed? We're not going to talk about it. But know that a game of corn hole, a case of PBR, and one stray comment about someone's mother can lead to the cops being called on your grandpa's birthday BBQ.

9. County Fairs are no joke


For some families, it's bigger than Christmas. But you'd feel that way too if your livelihood literally depended on these animals you've raised to the very best of the best. Not to mention that it's a week of rides, games, and the most delicious, unhealthy food you could ever find. Good thing we only eat it once a year!

10. Oktoberfest


The midwest is a section of the country that had a significant amount of German settlers. Therefore, Oktoberfest in the midwest is a big deal. If you need an idea, just picture more beer and meat than you ever thought you could possibly consume.

11. Friday Night Fish Fry


You know what else the Midwest has a lot of? Christians. A number of which will usually abstain from meat on Fridays. Which means, almost anywhere you go, there will be a Friday Night Fish Fry. Usually hosted by a local church. But let's not forget the most important part.... Unlimited fries.

12. Casseroles


It's a common stereotype. But it's a valid one. The Midwest is the casserole capitol of the country. Tater Tot casserole. Tuna Noodle casserole. Enchilada casserole. These are all real, we promise. They're also delicious, we promise.

13. Friendly People

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Another common stereotype but lets face it, we're a friendly bunch. If we ask you about your day, it's because we really wanna know. If you ask about our day, we will tell you. We'll ask how your mom is feeling. We'll wish you happy birthday without a facebook notification. We'll save you a spot in class when you're late. Remember, Midwest Friends = The Best Friends

The winters are brutal

You can't hide your accent

Fall is the greatest

Hunting Season

You're surrounded by farms

You love going to the lake

Football is a religion

Corn Hole is the game of choice

County Fairs are no joke


Friday Night Fish Fry


Friendly People

We'll Never Change


Being from the Midwest mean's your cut from a certain cloth. It's most likely a well worn, plaid, flannel cloth. You get homesick, especially if you live anywhere that doesn't have autumn or lakes. But one thing is for sure, home will always be there.