10 Things You Know If You're From Lake Geneva, Wisconsin!


Lake Geneva, you know you love it. And when you grow up in a place like this, some things just stick with you. Like...

1. We Love/Hate the tourists.


Yes, we know. Our lake is beautiful. The shops are so fun. The beach is lovely. The restaurants are adorable. And, while the summer tourist season generates a TON of revenue for our little town, there are some aspects of it that leave a sour taste...like all the tourists...

2. When the FIBs arrive...


Every year, like clockwork, the Fuckin'-Illinois-Bastards, or FIBs as we love to call them, drive themselves up to our little piece of heaven. While we love that they love our sweet, small town, we don't exactly love how they clog up our streets, take up all our parking, and say things like "Where are you from?" "How long are you in town?" "Oh, you live here?" Yes, folks, people actually LIVE in Lake Geneva.

3. It's always fun when we make national news!


Who could forget that fateful day? When after two weeks of temperatures in the fifties and sixties, cars full of visiting tourists decided it was a good idea to park on the not-so-frozen Geneva Lake. And since we locals are smart enough to know better, we were able to just sit back and watch the rather amusing spectacle that was truly the cherry on top of a memorable Winterfest.

4. Nothing gets you more hyped than Bucky Badger


While all of Wisconsin adores the UW Madison mascot, Lake Geneva Badger High School is the only school in the state that boasts the same furry, dancing sensation. And when he comes out at pep rallies, parades, and games; we all lose our minds. Because who doesn't love a dancing Bucky Badger!

5. We hate Elkhorn, but not as much as Delavan does


As far as High School sports team feuds go, Lake Geneva and Elkhorn have had their fair share of Homecoming throwdowns and friendly pranks. But Delavan straight up HATES Elkhorn. Which isn't too terrible, since Delavan sucks anyway.

6. No one ever gets expelled for jumping in the lake


Every year, at the 8th grade dance, the same rumor gets spread around. That anyone who leaves the Riviera and jumps in the lake will be expelled, or given detention, or not allowed to walk at the ceremony, etc. etc. This has NEVER happened. And you know that after that dance let out, you and your friends, dressed in your best 8th grade finery, ran down to that beach and straight into the water. Suits, dresses, and all. It's tradition!

7. The Walworth County Fair is the highlight of your summer


As soon as August rolls around your mind immediately envisions images of cream puffs, elephant ears, and demolition derbies. It's a time when everyone comes together to eat delicious food, enjoy the rides, play some games, and see some cows! Not to mention the Badger High School FFA taking home nearly every blue ribbon!

8. The winters are long and cold


When the tourists leave, and the temperature drops, we all know that feeling. What is summer? What color is grass? Was there ever anything but this frozen tundra? The staggering amount of snow and ice is enough to make you question why you even live here!

9. Yet you pray for a snow day


Admit it. Whether it was 45 degrees or -30, you wanted three feet of snow to fall from the sky overnight. You put a spoon under your pillow, turned your pjs inside out, whatever it takes! Nothing felt so good as coming downstairs at 6AM to see your school's name flashing on the TV under the word 'CLOSED'... And you got to turn to your mom and say "I'm going back to bed"!

10. You love Lake Geneva!


So few are lucky enough to live in a town that has all the peacefulness of small town life, and the excitement of a bustling city. Whether it's Winterfest, Octoberfest, the County Fair, or just a weekend on the lake with your best friends. Lake Geneva has that special quality where you just know that it's home. Heck, we even love the FIBs in our own way. Because it's all part of the LG experience, and we wouldn't trade that for anything.

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We Love/Hate the tourists.

When the FIBs arrive...

It's always fun when we make national news!

Nothing gets you more hyped than Bucky Badger

We hate Elkhorn, but not as much as Delavan does

No one ever gets expelled for jumping in the lake

The Walworth County Fair is the highlight of your summer

The winters are long and cold

Yet you pray for a snow day

You love Lake Geneva!