Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Cleaning Test If You're A Total Neat Freak

You're neat and you like it!

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 Jan 07, 2017
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Question: 1/10Pick your answer!

How often is "cleaning day" in your home?
Every day is cleaning day.
As needed. Maybe not every week.
One day a week. Deep clean!

Question: 2/10Pick your answer!

Do you:
Buy cleaning solutions from the store.
Use soap and water for the most part.
Make your own cleaning solutions. Naturally.

Question: 3/10Pick your answer!

A little bit of dust _________.
happens sometimes. It's ok.
is the sign of a dirty home!
never hurt anyone.

Question: 4/10Pick your answer!

Is clutter still "clean"?
No way! No clutter, no mess.
Absolutely. Lots of things, lots of places for things.
It depends. Some clutter is ok, when organized.

Question: 5/10Pick your answer!

How do you feel about dogs?
Dogs? No. Cats, maybe.
They're great. When they're outside.
I love them. All my dogs snuggle in my bed.

Question: 6/10Pick your answer!

Be honest: Is your kitchen pantry organized?
Of course. Everything has its place! And section, and label.
Pantry? I don't know. I just put things in cabinets.
It's not exactly, but you can still find everything.

Question: 7/10Pick your answer!

Is it ok to wear shoes inside your house?
I don't mind. Hardwood floors make it easy.
Absolutely not. Do you know what germs are on shoes?
Sure. As long as they're clean.

Question: 8/10Pick your answer!

You don't mind leaving the dishes out overnight, right?
Sure. If it's just a few.
Uh, no. Dirty dishes? Overnight? Gross.
Overnight? Try a few days.

Question: 9/10Pick your answer!

What does your home smell like?
Like fresh linens. (Wax warmers ftw.)
A home, I guess.
Like the last meal I cooked.

Question: 10/10Pick your answer!

Roombas are:
Isn't that an exercise class?
For lazy people. Can't vacuum anymore? Jeez.
The most amazing invention ever.
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