Quiz: You'll Only Ace This Buddhism Test If You Grew Up In An SF Family

Music, mia, Buddhism

Show off your SanFran buddhist knowledge, skills, and inner serenity...

San Francisco has a massive and diverse population. One of it's prominent cultures is Buddhism - were you raised in a SF Buddhist family? Prove it!

 Dec 28, 2016

1 of 10Your parents set you up for success. Your name:

Is modern: Jaxxon, Burke, Jinny
Is old-fashioned: Mabel, Edward, Elizabeth
Is nature-inspired: River, Willow, Autumn, etc.

2 of 10Your family was so environmentally friendly, you:

Know not to leave the lights on.
Know to conserve water by flushing only when you have to.
Know not to use plastic bags.

3 of 10You were raised to question everything.

Everything except Mom.

4 of 10How many TV's did you have in your house?

One in every room.
Uh, none.

5 of 10Your friends thought the amount of hugging in your house was:

They didn't notice any hugging.

6 of 10A bully picked on you in school. Mom's advice:

Throat-punch that jerk.
Tell the teacher.
Approach the bully with understanding and peace.

7 of 10What does nag-champa remind you of?

Meditations in the living room.
My college days.
I don't know what nag-champa is.

8 of 10You were taught ________ drives the cycles of rebirth and suffering.

Bad luck.

9 of 10What is Nirvana?

A city in Nevada.
A band.
The final goal of a soul's enlightenment.

10 of 10Where is the headquarters for Buddhist Churches of America?

New York City
San Fran, of course!
Portland, obviously!
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