Quiz: Only 6% Of Grey's Fans Can Answer These Trivia Questions. Can You?

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Can you remember all these details?

Derek, Meredith, and lots of drama! Everyone knows the basics of Grey's Anatomy, but can you pass the quiz only true fans can ace?

 Jan 27, 2020

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Which of the following has not been the name of the hospital?
Seattle Grace Hospital
Grey Shepherd Memorial Hospital
Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital

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Which original intern wore glasses?

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Which of the following universities did Cristina Yang not earn a degree from?
University of California at Berkeley
Stanford University
Yale University

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In Season 1, Derek tells Meredith his favorite color is blue. What shade of blue did he specify?

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Where does Derek get an opportunity to work in Season 10?
Washington D.C.
New York

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How many seconds were between Denny and the person at the top of the transplant list?
32 seconds
17 seconds
21 seconds

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Which two of the original interns failed their boards?
George and Izzie
Alex and Meredith
George and Alex

8 of 20Pick your answer!

Which symptom made Izzie realize something was wrong?
Abdominal cramps and vomiting
Hallucinations of her dead fiance
Burning and rashes when exposed to the sun

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Which doctor is the only one who has never left their position to work at a different hospital?
Callie Torres
Arizona Robbins
Alex Karev

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What is the name of Jackson and April’s daughter?

11 of 20Pick your answer!

Who is the supervisor for the first year of interns?
Ellis Grey
Richard Webber
Miranda Bailey

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What surgery specialty does Yang choose?

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Who did Addison have an affair with during her marriage to Derek?
Dr. Karev
Dr Webber
Dr. Sloan

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Where do Avery and April transfer from?
Mercy West
Mercy East
East Seattle

15 of 20Pick your answer!

Callie is a ____ surgeon.

16 of 20Pick your answer!

When Webber first steps down, who does he allocate Chief to?
Dr. Hunt
Dr. Shepard
Dr. Sloan

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Meredith has ___ sisters.

18 of 20Pick your answer!

What bar is across the street from the hospital?
Emerald City Bar and Grill

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What is Meredith's father's name?

20 of 20Pick your answer!

How does Heather Brooks die?
She is electrocuted
She is shot
She dies in a fire
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