Quiz: Only 1 in 50 New Englanders Can Pass This Etiquette Test. Can You?

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If you're for the East Coast, you know there's a certain etiquette expected.

New England has its own set of rules; like how the F-bomb makes a frequent visit while driving. But, there's a more refined etiquette, too.

 Feb 10, 2017
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How early do you need to show up to the ferry?
At least an hour.
15 minutes
At least 45 minutes.
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When buying sweet treats for your office, where does a New Englander go?
Krispy Kream
Dunkin' Donuts
A candy store.
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If you're running errands at "the package store" for your parents, what are you doing?
Going to the Post Office.
Going to the liquor store.
Going to the UPS store.
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Where do you take out of town visitors for a morning cup of coffee?
Beans and Brews
Starbucks. Duh.
The General Store
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Where do you go in New England to avoid sales tax?
New Hampshire
New Jersey
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The proper attire for a debutante is ____.
a sun dress and sandals
a black cocktail dress
a white gown with gloves
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How do you address your elders?
Pops and grams
Sir or ma'am
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Do tomatoes belong in clam chowder?
No way
9 of 10Pick your answer!
When walking down the sidewalk, you should ____.
stick to one side and move quickly
take your time
stop often to say hi to strangers
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The best way to secure a bright future is to _____.
go to school on the West Coast
attend an Ivy League school
go to community college
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