Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Art Kids Can Ace This Challenge. Can You?


Are you a true artist?

Actors, singers, painters, and - gasp - writers! Show off your true art-nerdisms by scoring 100% on this quiz!

 Jan 20, 2017
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Do you know what "art clothes" are?
Chya. Paint stained and torn, comfy clothes. They're all I have.
Clothes that I've intentionally painted my art on. Duh.
Sounds like a hipster trend.
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What is your foam-core expertise level?
What is a "foam-core"?
Only the chosen few know how to master this.
I am amazing with it.
3 of 10Pick your answer!
X-acto blades are:
A box cutter?
Simple detail carving tools.
An accident waiting to happen. (Again.)
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What's your opinion on bowls of fruit?
I don't really notice them.
A masterpiece in the making.
If I have to see one more in my life, I'll scream.
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Is your studio space clean?
Absolutely not. How would anything get done?
Uh. No. Chaos is beauty.
You mean my bed? Yes.
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It's critique day. How are you feeling?
Excited! I'm ready!
Exhausted. I stayed up all night to finish.
Meh, I'll be fine. I guess.
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What's the most common reaction to saying, "I'm an artist."
Someone's random story about their lost dream of being an artist...
Ooo's and Ahh's.
8 of 10Pick your answer!
It's date night! While getting ready, what takes the longest?
Shaving. Lawd, the shaving.
Make-up. My face is a canvas!
Scrubbing all the stained paint off your hands.
9 of 10Pick your answer!
Someone has said, "I like the aesthetics." In non-art speak this is:
That painting. I like that.
I like the lighting.
I like how this painter's technique worked.
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How many times have you done performance art?
A few times. Weird, I may be. But free is my soul! Right?
Uh, I don't really have the guts for that.
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