Quiz: Only A True "Lost" Fan Will Get 10/15 On This Test

Freckles? Is that you?

lost, sawyer
 Jan 10, 2017
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Question: 1/15Pick your answer!

What airline was the flight that crashed?
Australian Air

Question: 2/15Pick your answer!

What do those stranded on the island call its natives?
The Others
The locals

Question: 3/15Pick your answer!

What board game does John Locke play with Walt when they first crash?

Question: 4/15Pick your answer!

Who is the original protector of the island?

Question: 5/15Pick your answer!

What initial evidence of Dharma did John and Boone find?
The hatch
Pieces of another crashed plane
The Others

Question: 6/15Pick your answer!

What did Jack do for a living?
He was a doctor.
He was a lawyer.
He was a teacher.

Question: 7/15Pick your answer!

Who was found in the jungle alone in season 1?
Danielle Rousseau
Mona De Luca
Michelle Margoli

Question: 8/15Pick your answer!

Who do The Others kidnap from the raft?

Question: 9/15Pick your answer!

What does Sawyer call Kate?

Question: 10/15Pick your answer!

What does Charlie write on his hand before drowning?
"I love you."
"Come on, everybody."
"Not Penny's boat."

Question: 11/15Pick your answer!

Who does John find when he goes to speak to Jacob?
Sawyer's dead brother.
Jack's dead father.
Kate's father.

Question: 12/15Pick your answer!

What happens when Hurley wins the lottery?
He experiences really bad luck
He dies
He gives it all to charity

Question: 13/15Pick your answer!

During time shifts, some survivors are stuck in...
The future
The ocean
The past

Question: 14/15Pick your answer!

Who is the human form of the Shadow Monster?
The Project Leader
The Man in Black
The Red Woman

Question: 15/15Pick your answer!

In the end, who becomes the new protector of the island?
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