Quiz: Prove Your'e A Trekkie And Score 15/20 On This Star Trek TNG Quiz

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Star Trek: The Next Generation is as iconic as the original series! Can you pass the quiz only a true Trekkie can ace?

Can you ace the quiz with Captain Picard, Data, and all the crew of the USS Enterprise? Prove your best knowledge of Star Trek: The Next Generation!

 Dec 19, 2017
1 of 20Pick your answer!
Who does DaiMon Bok try to kill for revenge on Picard?
Picard's son.
Picard's future wife.
Picard's brother.
2 of 20Pick your answer!
How does a duplicate of Riker come to be?
A transporter malfunction.
It's just a dream.
An alternate universe tear.
3 of 20Pick your answer!
Who is the son of Worf?
Worf Jr.
4 of 20Pick your answer!
Who is rumored to have defected to the Romulans?
Lt. Uhura
Captain Kirk
5 of 20Pick your answer!
When the Enterprise loses power, Picard is trapped with:
3 children.
His nemesis from flight school.
His ex-wife.
6 of 20Pick your answer!
What war comes to an end at the start of season 5?
The Klingon Civil War.
The Forever War.
The Outer-Rim War.
7 of 20Pick your answer!
Who do the Romulans brainwash for a mission?
Dr. Crusher
8 of 20Pick your answer!
A rogue Starfleet captain threatens what treaty?
The Ninth.
The Earth Galaxy.
9 of 20Pick your answer!
Dr. Crusher's final mission is on a ____ planet.
10 of 20Pick your answer!
Where does Picard's brother's family live?
11 of 20Pick your answer!
What species kidnaps Cpt. Picard during an invasion of Federation airspace?
The Swari.
The Borg.
The Vulcans.
12 of 20Pick your answer!
Losing at what game causes Data to feel self-doubt?
13 of 20Pick your answer!
When the Enterprise is caught in a time-loop, who does Picard meet?
His future son.
His future self.
His mother.
14 of 20Pick your answer!
Dr. Ira Graves uploads his memories to Data when ____.
He comes down with the plague.
He is near death.
He suffers amnesia.
15 of 20Pick your answer!
On what literary series is Professor Moriarty created?
Star Wars
King Arthur
Sherlock Holmes
16 of 20Pick your answer!
Who spontaneously becomes pregnant?
Lt. Yar
Dr. Katherine Pulaski
Counsellor Deanna Troi
17 of 20Pick your answer!
In what battle did Picard lose the ship Stargazer?
Battle of Maxia
Battle of Gromola
Battle of Versai.
18 of 20Pick your answer!
An alien species possess Warf, Picard and ______ during a diplomatic trip.
Lt. Yar
Dr. Crusher
19 of 20Pick your answer!
Who is abducted for a battle to the death by an alien species?
Lt. Yar
Captain Picard
20 of 20Pick your answer!
Who puts the crew on trial for crimes against humanity?
General Armallio
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