Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Test, You Must Be Dominican


Take the quiz only a true Dominican girl can ace!

The Dominican is a place all its own, and anyone from there knows it! Can you pass the ultimate Dominican girl quiz from Women.com?

 Jan 10, 2017
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What's the best for breakfast?
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Which is the best cake?
Lava cake.
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Did your parents ever host house parties?
Every weekend. All the family was invited.
Just for special occasions like birthdays.
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Ever heard Juan Luis Guerra?
A million times.
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What was your cat's name?
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Spanish is said at what speed?
Average to slow, so everyone can understand.
At the speed of light.
Slower. So non-Spanish speakers might be able to catch on.
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What's your usual cardio?
Walking the dog.
I don't do cardio.
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Do you have a lot of cousins?
Is "a lot" more than a baseball team?
No, not really.
I have a few.
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Did your mom let you leave the table with food on your plate?
She didn't really notice.
Ha! No way. All must be eaten!
Sure. If we ate at the table.
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You're sick! What would mom tell you to use to feel better?
Eat some oranges.
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The best beer is:
Dos Equis.
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"Madonna" in a Dominican house is:
A vixen.
The singer.
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How many people can fit into a Publico?
7, the same as many the passenger seats.
About 10.
25, on a good day!
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When did you start drinking coffee?
Maybe 14 or so.
Around 21.
I drank it from my bottle. Probably.
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What time was the usual siesta?
We didn't take siestas in my house.
1pm, prompt!
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