Quiz: Can You Actually Ace This U.S. Navy Test?

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How much do you know about the Navy?

Can you answer all these question about the Navy? Can you prove your knowledge of Navy facts in this quiz?

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Where do you find a Coffin Locker?
In the morgue.
Not sure. That's an Air Force term.
Under a sailor's rack.
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What phrase came from the Navy?
"Early bird gets the worm!"
"Balls to the walls!"
"Up and at 'em!"
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Who is the "Mini Boss"?
The Air Boss's assistant.
Any admiral's child.
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Is it "roger" or "aye aye" for yes?
Aye, aye!
Neither. Yes is just fine.
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When a recruiter says, "See the world!" he/she really means:
Exactly what he/she said!
I don't know what a recruiter is...
See a lot of ocean. A. Lot.
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"Bravo zulu," means what?
Well done!
Full sail ahead!
Good show!
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Who is Bill the Goat?
Navy's mascot!
Some old, famous admiral.
A prank's code-name.
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What is a "bulkhead"?
The walls of any ship.
I have no idea. That's a Marine term.
Someone in the Army.
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What is a Bubble Head?
A toy?
Someone from a submarine.
Anyone in the Army.
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"Do you know where the scuttlebutt is?" means:
Someone's asking where the underside of the ship is.
Someone's looking for the water fountain.
Someone's looking for the bathroom.
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