Quiz: You'll Only Ace This Test If You Grew Up In Las Vegas

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Okay, Vegas natives. Show us what you've got!

This is a quiz to determine how well you know the ins and outs of Las Vegas, Nevada. Put your knowledge to the test!

 Jul 02, 2017
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What is the capital of Nevada?
Carson City.
Las Vegas
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Las Vegas holds the largest bronze sculpture in America. What is the sculpture of?
A lion.
A zebra.
A tiger.
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What does Las Vegas mean?
The desert.
The lake.
The meadows.
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What is NOT one of most successful industries in Las Vegas right now?
Tourism and gaming.
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Which of the following is illegal in Las Vegas?
Drinking in public.
6 of 12Pick the best choice!
What secretive military facility exists in Las Vegas?
Bush Fields
Area 51.
Area 1
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What unlikely service job can make over six figures in Nevada?
Front desk associate.
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How do you pronounce Nevada?
9 of 12Pick the best choice!
What machine is common almost every place that you go, even airports?
A slot machine.
A condom vending machine.
A scale.
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What is Las Vegas' slogan?
What happens here, stays here.
Vegas forever.
You'll never get bored in Las Vegas.
11 of 12Pick the best choice!
What is "Sun Tea"?
A cleaning chemical
A candle given away the the Palazio
A type of tea brewed from the heat of the sun
12 of 12True or False?
It is normal for it to get up to 105 degrees?
True. Very true.
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