Quiz: Only A True Southerner Can Get 10/15 On This Soul Food Cuisine Test

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Okay, Southerners, how knowledgeable are you on Southern cuisine?

This is a quiz to determine how well versed you are on Southern food. Put your knowledge to the test!

 Jul 02, 2017
1 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
A yellow, more savory type of bread. Usually served at dinner
2 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
A part of the pig that is slowly roasted, then doused in sauce
Pulled pork.
Shredded turkey.
Fried chicken.
3 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
A savory, gritty pudding type of meal made with corn. Usually served at breakfast
Cream of wheat.
4 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
A dish containing shrimp, sliced sausage, peppers, and spiced rice!
Jamba rice.
5 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
An egg cooked in a specific way- it has a solid egg white, but a creamy, spiced yolk
Hot egg.
Paprika egg.
Deviled egg.
6 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
A famous type of southern pie made with a nut and a LOT of sugar
Nutty pie.
Almond pie.
Pecan pie.
7 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
A pie made with chocolate crust, chocolate cake, chocolate putting, and vanilla cream on top!
Oklahoma Cream Pie.
Mississippi Mud Pie.
Alabama Layer Cake.
8 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
A dessert dish made with cooked stone fruit and a crumbly topping
Peach Pie.
Fruit Cake.
Peach Cobbler.
9 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
Fried. Corn. Balls.
Shrimp bombs.
Cheese balls.
Hush puppies.
10 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
These are fluffy, fried, square, and covered in powdered sugar.
Elephant ears.
11 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
A dish that dips chicken in an egg wash, then in a flour-batter mixture, and flops it into the fryer
Popcorn shrimp.
Fried chicken.
Butter chicken.
12 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
Chopped pork, white beans, and chives served over white rice
Jumping Jim.
Hoppin John.
Leaping Louis.
13 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
Fluffy baked savory pastries, covered in a creamy salty sauce
Biscuits and gravy.
Cream and croissants.
14 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
A rice pilaf dish made with lots of tomatoes and crumbled bacon
Savannah Red Rice.
Chatanooga Red Rice.
Charleston Red Rice.
15 of 15Identify the Southern dish!
A stew, with pork, beef chuck, and chicken for meat, and corn, carrots, onion, celery, and lima beans
Oklahoma Burgoo.
Georgia Burgoo.
Kentucky Burgoo.
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