Quiz: We Bet You Can't Finish The Lyrics To All Of These Iconic 90s Songs!

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"Alright stop, collaborate and listen..."

This test will determine the extent of your song lyric knowledge of the biggest songs on the charts during the 1990s.

 May 27, 2017
1 of 15Finish the lyrics to "Smells Like Teen Spirit"!
"Here we are now, entertain us, I feel ______________"
stupid, and contagious
ruined, and outrageous
sadness, and destruction
2 of 15Finish the lyrics to "Ice Ice Baby"!
"Alright stop, collaborate and listen, Ice is back with my brand new _______"
3 of 15Finish the lyrics to "...Baby One More Time"!
"My loneliness is killing me, and I ________"
must confess, I still believe
cannot lie, I still believe
still miss you
4 of 15Finish the lyrics to "Waterfalls"!
"Don't go chasing waterfalls, just stick to the ______"
rivers and the lakes
5 of 15Finish the lyrics to "Nothing Compares 2 U"!
"It's been so lonely without you here, like ____________"
a bird without a song
a beach without sand
a girl without her mom
6 of 15Finish the lyrics to "I Will Always Love You"!
"If I should stay, I would only be ______"
in your way
along the way
there for a day
7 of 15Finish that lyrics to "Wonderwall"!
"I said maybe, you're __________"
gonna be the one that saves me
gonna decide to change me
bound to be the one that breaks me
8 of 15Finish the lyrics to "I Want It That Way"!
"Am I, your fire? Your ______?"
heart ignited
one desire
9 of 15Finish the lyrics to "California Love"!
"California, knows __________"
how to party
how to get down
how to live life
10 of 15Finish the lyrics to "Losing My Religion"!
"That's me in the corner, __________"
doing my thing
thats me in the daylight
that's me in the spotlight
11 of 15Finish the lyrics to "Wannabe"!
'So, here's a story from A to Z, you wanna get with me you better _______"
Listen carefully
Be nice to me
Bow down to me
12 of 15Finish the lyrics to "No Scrubs"!
"A scrub is a guy who can't _______"
Satisfy me
Go out with me
Get no love from me
13 of 15Finish the lyrics to "Semi-Charmed Life"!
"I want something else, to _______, semi-charmed kind of life"
To show my father
Get me through this
Show me how to live
14 of 15Finish the lyric to "This Is How We Do It"!
"South Central does it like _______"
The best of the west
Nobody does
Anybody would
15 of 15Finish the lyrics to "All Star"!
"Hey now, you're an all star, get your ______"
Game on, go play
Sunscreen on, don't get burned
Jersey on, play ball
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