Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Remember “Lady And The Tramp”?

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Let's see how well you remember this Walt Disney classic. Put your knowledge to the test!

This quiz will help determine how well you know knowledge you are about the animated romantic musical comedy film, "Lady and the Tramp".

 Mar 20, 2017
1 of 10Pick the correct answer!
The American cocker spaniel in the film is named what?
2 of 10Pick the best choice!
What are the trouble making Siamese cats in the movie named?
Si and Am.
Mimi and Leo.
Lucy and Walter.
3 of 10Pick the correct choice!
On what occasion did Jim Dear give his wife, Darling, Lady as a present?
Her birthday.
Valentine's Day.
4 of 10Fill in the blank!
Aunt Sarah gives Lady a ______, which makes her flee home.
A muzzle.
A shock collar.
A fenced in yard.
5 of 10Pick the correct answer!
Tramp shows Lady how he remains "uncolored" by dining with her at ___________.
a diner named Leo's
an Italian restaurant named Tony's.
a Chinese restaurant named Lao's
6 of 10Pick the correct answer!
After the romantic dinner, what happens to Lady?
She gets captured by the local dog catcher.
She gets into a fight with another dog.
She finds out that Tramp is in love with another dog.
7 of 10Pick the best answer!
What pest was a nuisance in Aunt Sarah's house?
A spider.
A rat.
A bat.
8 of 10Pick the best answer.
What ultimately ends up being Tramp's fate in the movie?
He's adopted into a family.
He meets his brother and starts a new life with him.
He marries Lady.
9 of 10Pick the correct choice!
What is the name of the song played during the dinner scene?
True Love.
He's a Tramp.
Bella Notte.
10 of 10Fill in the blank!
At the end of the movie, it's revealed that Lady and Tramp ultimately raise ___ puppies together.
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