Riverdale Quiz: Are You More Of A Betty Or A Veronica?

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If you lived in Riverdale, would you be Betty or Veronica? Find out in this quiz!

If you were on the TV show Riverdale, would you be Betty or Veronica? Find out in this fun personality quiz!

 Mar 11, 2017

1 of 22Pick your answer!

You go out for dinner at Pop's — what's your order?
Greek salad
Chicken fingers

2 of 22Pick your answer!

Pick a milkshake flavor:
Cookies & cream

3 of 22Pick your answer!

Which candy are you picking up from the corner store?
Sour Patch Kids

4 of 22Pick your answer!

The yearbook superlative you'd totally win is:
Best Smile
Best Dressed

5 of 22Pick your answer!

People would say being _____ is your worst quality.
a perfectionist

6 of 22Pick your answer!

Your best friend's birthday is coming up! What are you getting her?
A flowery scented candle with a homemade card
A cute top that will look so hot on her

7 of 22Pick your answer!

What's your preference: a city or a small town?
I'm a city girl all the way!
A small town is perfect for me!

8 of 22Pick your answer!

Someone bumps into you in the hallway. What do you say?
Oops - so sorry!
Um, excuse you!

9 of 22Pick your answer!

You get a lower grade than you deserve on an assignment. What do you do?
Study harder next time.
Tell the teacher why he's wrong.

10 of 22Pick your answer!

Describe your makeup routine:
Eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick/lipgloss, foundation, powder
Foundation, powder and mascara

11 of 22Pick your answer!

Pick a top:
Tank top

12 of 22Pick your answer!

Pick a shade of pink:
Bubble gum

13 of 22Pick your answer!

You're out to dinner. What do you order for dessert?
Banana split
No dessert, thanks

14 of 22Pick your answer!

People usually come to you for:
A shoulder to cry on

15 of 22Pick your answer!

Which family member are you closest with?
A sibling
My mom

16 of 22Pick your answer!

What animal best represents you?
A rabbit
A panther

17 of 22Pick your answer!

Your friends describe you as:

18 of 22Pick your answer!

What quote best describes you?
"I don't follow the rules. I make them."
"I do everything for everyone... Can't I do this one thing for me?"

19 of 22Pick your answer!

Yes or no question: Do you trust your parents?
I used to, but not anymore.

20 of 22Pick your answer!

Are you book smart or street smart?
Book smart
Street smart

21 of 22Pick your answer!

What's your clothing style?
Name brand only
Casual and feminine

22 of 22Pick your answer!

How many languages do you speak?
Just one
Two or more
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Have you ever wondered whether you were more like Betty or Veronica? Then we've got the quiz for you! Get ready to take this fun Riverdale quiz that will finally give you that answer! Maybe you're more like Betty Cooper - Riverdale's resident girl next door: sweet, eager-to-please and wholesome. Or perhaps you're more like Veronica Lodge - intelligent and confident, and just oozing big-city sophistication. But how will you know for sure? Take this quiz to find out! But be sure to answer honestly, because this quiz is scarily accurate!

Riverdale is hit new CW show based on characters from the Archie comics, including Archie Andrews (K.J. Apa), Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhard), Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes), and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse). Riverdale swept the nation with its mysterious storylines and beautiful cinematography. And if you're as obsessed as we are, you're probably trying to figure out whether you're more like Betty or Veronica in this Riverdale quiz! Well, don't fret! We've got you covered. Take this fun Riverdale quiz to find out which character matches your personality, truly!

Want to know more about Riverdale? Well, did you know that Riverdale almost wasn't your favorite television show? Yes! According to the Collider Riverdale was originally pitched as a film rather than a TV show.

Also, Cole Sprouse was almost not the beloved Jughead Jones. In fact, he originally auditioned for Archie Andrews, a role that rould eventually go to KJ Apa. He only read for Jughead because he realized that he would also be the narrator and thus could not be killed off.

KJ Apa also isn't really the ginger we all thought he was. KJ is naturally brunette and he gets his hair bleached and then dyed every two weeks. He says that he gets nasty burns when they try to bleach his eyebrows as well.

Now, if you want more Riverdale quizzes, you can take them here! Until then, take this quiz to see whether you're more like Betty or Veronica!