Quiz: Are You "Woke" Enough To Name The 25 Most Influential People Of 2017?

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Do you know the most influential people of 2017? Find out in this fun quiz!

Are you on top of current culture and events? Do you know the most influential people of 2017? Find out in this fun quiz!

 Mar 11, 2018
1 of 25Who is this woman?
Hilary Clinton, politicians, Female, politics, celebs
Hilary Clinton
Celine Dion
2 of 25Who is this actress?
wonder woman, greatest strength, strength, strong women, Women Empowerment, feminism, feminism quiz
Warner Bros. Pictures: Wonder Woman (2017) retrieved from www.omega-level.net/2017/10/14/wonder-woman-2-filming-summer-2018/
Gal Gadot
Julia Roberts
Jane Fonda
3 of 25Who is this man?
George Bush
Bernie Sanders
Donald Trump
4 of 25Who is this singer?
lion king
Getty Images
Michelle Williams
Britney Spears
5 of 25What is the name of this artist?
Lady Gaga
6 of 25Who is this "24K Magic" singer?
bruno mars, celebs, Music
Bruno Mars
Sam Smith
7 of 25What's the name of this "La La Land" actress?
Ivanka Trump
Emma Stone
Britney Spears
8 of 25Who is this celeb?
Who won the cecil b demille award, Oprah Winfrey, Golden Globes 2018
9 of 25What's the name of this late-night talk show host?
Steven Colbert
Jimmy Fallon
Jay Leno
10 of 25What's the name of this "carpool karaoke" star (and late-night host)?
movies/tv, celebs
Elton John
James Corden
Will Smith
11 of 25Who's this computer tycoon?
Bill Gates
George Bush
Jeff Bezos
Bill Gates
12 of 25Who's this woman?
Jackie Kennedy, obama, Melania Trump
Melania Trump
Hilary Clinton
13 of 25Who's this NBA star?
LeBron James, Cleveland, cavs, Ohio, basketball
LeBron James
Ed Sheeran
Michael Jordan
14 of 25Who is this billionaire and Amazon.com CEO?
Amazon, culture
Warren Buffet
Henry Fonda
Jeff Bezos
15 of 25Who is this famous billionaire and philanthropist?
career, celebs
Bill Clinton
Donald Trump
Warren Buffet
16 of 25What's the name of this Team USA gymnast?
simone biles, olympics, gold
Nancy Kerrigan
Gretchen Carlson
Simone Biles
17 of 25Who is this actor pictured here with his wife?
tom hanks
Brad Pitt
Tom Hanks
Robert De Niro
18 of 25What's the name of this "Hunger Games" actress?
jennifer lawrence, passengers, face, blonde
Jennifer Lawrence
Angelina Jolie
Julia Roberts
19 of 25What's the name of this actor?
Dwayne Johnson, the rock, American, movies/tv, celebs
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Bruce Willis
Al Pacino
20 of 25Who is this politician?
bernie sanders, politics
Matt Damon
Donald Trump
Bernie Sanders
21 of 25Who is this "Shake It Off" singer?
Miley Cyrus
Taylor Swift
22 of 25Who's this celeb?
ellen, finding dory, celebs
Ellen DeGeneres
Britney Spears
23 of 25What's the name of this Supreme Court Justice?
Celine Dion
Michelle Obama
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
24 of 25Who's this celebrity?
Ryan Seacrest
John Legend
Billy Joel
25 of 25What's the name of this reality star?
Kim Kardashian
Ellen DeGeneres
Taylor Swift
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