Compatibility Quiz: What Kind Of Personality Is Your Perfect Match?

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What kind of personality is your perfect match? Take this quiz to find out!

What kind of personality is your perfect match? Is your soulmate an artist, a thinker, or something else? Take this fun, engaging quiz to find out!

 Mar 08, 2018

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What's the most intimidating scenario you can imagine?
Introducing yourself to a room full of new people
Solving a complex math problem
Public speaking

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Your email inbox is full after you come back to work from vacation. What do you do?
Answer all emails right away
Take your time answering emails over the next few days
Ignore your emails and upload vacation pictures to Facebook

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Do you usually initiate conversations?

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When the pressure is on, how easy do you find it to stay relaxed?
Not easy, but doable
Very easy

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What's more important: being organized or being adaptable?
A little of both

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What matters more: winning a debate or making sure no one gets upset?
Making sure no one gets upset
Depends on the situation
Winning a debate

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Do you enjoy being the center of attention?

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Are you more practical or creative?
A little of both

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You're going on a trip. When do you pack your suitcase?
At least a full week before leaving
A day or two before the trip
Five minutes before I leave

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How easy is it for you to relate to other people's feelings?
Very easy
Relatively easy
Not easy

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How quickly does your mood change?
It's pretty stable, but can change quickly
It changes minute by minute
It's very stable

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Do you worry about how your actions affect other people?
Not usually

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What's better: an interesting book, an exciting video game, or a social event?
A video game
A book
A social event

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What's the most exciting part of a project?
Collaborating with a team
The grand unveiling of the finished product
Developing a plan and sticking to it

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As a parent, would you rather see your child grow up kind or smart?

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How long does it take you to get involved in social activities at a new workplace?
Not long; maybe a couple of weeks
It takes a while for me to feel comfortable

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Are you more of an improviser or a careful planner?
Depends on the situation

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When making important decisions, what's more important: logic or heart?
A little of both, depending on the situation

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Your friend is sad. Are you more likely to offer emotional support or suggest how to fix their problem?
Offer suggestions
First, emotional support, then offer them suggestions
Emotional suport

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When it comes to teamwork, what's more important: being right or being cooperative?
Being right
Depends on the exact situation
Being cooperative

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How often do you misplace your belongings?
Once in a while

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What do you rely on more: your experience or your imagination?
A little of both
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