Quiz: Are You Connecticut Enough To Pass This 16 Question CT Challenge?

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Think you know the Constitution State?

 Sep 29, 2017
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In the Fall, people flock to pick...
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Where can you get the best pizza?
New Haven
New York
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Would you rather go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?
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What color is the standard Connecticut license plate?
Red and white
Green and yellow
Blue and white
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What were the Hartford Whalers?
A group of men who hunted whales illegally
A great ice hockey team
A popular a capella group
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Which is NOT a Connecticut newspaper?
Hartford Courant
New Haven Register
Long Beach Times
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You're driving on an Interstate Highway in CT. You're either on the...
84, 91 or 95
81, 85 or 94
5, 10 or 20
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The ONLY way to eat a lobster roll is with...
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Connecticut is MOST beautiful in the...
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You can visit the home of which famous author in Hartford?
Ernest Hemingway
Stephen King
Mark Twain
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When you want to ride roller coasters AND cool off at a water park, you go to...
Lake Compounce
Lake Erie
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Where is Connecticut?
Between NYC and Boston
East of Rhode Island
South of Maine
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North is to South as 860 is to...
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What is typically the social event of the summer?
High school football games
Dave Matthews Band concert
Renaissance Fair
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What is UConn's mascot?
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Which is NOT a nickname for CT?
Nutmeg State
Constitution State
Winter State
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