Quiz: 90% Of People Don’t Know The Actual Meanings Of These 17 Common Words

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Most people use these words without actually knowing what they mean. Are you one of those people? Find out with this quiz!

Take this quiz to find out if you actually know the definition of these common words. Identify the correct definition from a list of options.

 Oct 14, 2017
1 of 17What does ACCEPT mean?
I accepted Jane's offer to pick up Robert's birthday cake.
Otherwise than
To receive with approval or favor; to agree to
With the exclusion of
2 of 17Do do you define CAPITAL?
Tokyo is the capital of Japan.
The building in Washington, D.C., used by Congress
The city or town that is the official seat of government
A building occupied by a state legislature
3 of 17What does PRINCIPAL mean?
The principal explained the principles of economics to the students.
An accepted rule of action or conduct
A general law or truth from which others are derived
A chief or head
4 of 17What does AFFECT mean?
The cold weather greatly affected the crops.
The making of a desired impression
Something that is produced by a cause; a result
To act on; to influence
5 of 17What is the definition of EMIGRATE?
In 1920, Patrick emigrated from Ireland to the United States.
To introduce as settlers
To leave one country or region to settle in another
To come to a country of which one is not native
6 of 17What does ELICIT mean?
Sally's inquiry elicited a response from Duke.
To bring out; evoke
Disapproved of or not permitted
7 of 17How do you define AVERSE?
Lucy is not averse to wearing pants, she just prefers dresses.
Preventing success or development
Having a strong feeling of opposition; disinclined
8 of 17What is DEPRECIATE?
Having high mileage on your car will depreciate its value.
To lessen the price of
To express earnest disapproval of
To disparage
9 of 17What does DISINTERESTED mean?
The matter should be resolved by a disinterested party.
Having no feeling of interest
Not particularly concerned with something
Unbiased; impartial
10 of 17What does ENERVATE mean?
The evil stepmother enervated Ella by disconnecting her from the outside world.
To rouse into activity
To give energy to
To deprive of force; to weaken
11 of 17How do you define PROTAGONIST?
Marty McFly is the protagonist in Back to the Future.
A supporter
The leading character
A person who puts forward a proposal
12 of 17What does STAUNCH mean?
Martin Luther King Jr.'s staunch supporters continued to fight for civil rights after his death.
Firm or steadfast; loyal
To stop a flow
13 of 17What does UNTENABLE mean?
Now that we know the truth, Jamie's theory is untenable.
Indefensible; unsustainable
14 of 17How do you define IMPLY?
Jeff implied he wanted a surprise party this year when he lamented that he's never had one.
Unquestioning; absolute
To indicate or suggest without being explicitly stated
To draw a conclusion
15 of 17How do you define BRING?
Amanda, bring me the mail when you come inside.
To seize or capture
To carry something toward the speaker
To receive
16 of 17What does IRONIC mean?
Betty went to the mountains to ski, but there ended up being more snow on the hills at home. How ironic!
The opposite of what was expected
Happening by coincidence
17 of 17What does COMPLEMENT mean?
That scarf complements your shoes.
To add to so as to improve
A courteous greeting; good wishes
To praise or express approval
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