Where To Watch The Original Dynasty Series Online


Classic soap opera Dynasty is about to make a huge comeback with its reboot premiering Wednesday, October 11, on The CW. While the new iteration of the show looks like it's had some major updates — judging by the trailer, which you can watch below — nostalgia for the original story is still there. If you're looking to revisit the 1980s series, or want to get a look at what to expect with the new series, you're in luck: The original series, which premiered in 1981 and aired for nine seasons on ABC, is available in full online. Here's where to watch the 1980s Dynasty series for free on amazon, vudu, and Hulu!

Where To Watch Dynasty 1980

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Every single episode from the original Dynasty series is available on the CW Seed website for your viewing pleasure — with no login and no subscription necessary!

If your curious how the reboot faired, take a look at our review below!

Given that the CW is the master at modern-day dramas, the mildly boring nature of the Dynasty reboot is totally disappointing.

It's not that the entire thing fails to work: Here and there, certain performances contain echoes of the flashy original. But other aspects of this "Dynasty" reboot are lacking, and it's not quite clear that the drama will be able to overcome some of the problems that hobble its pilot. All in all, this "Dynasty" generally lacks both verve and style. Another recent CW soap, "Riverdale," lost its way for a bit early in its first season, but rallied to finish in a generally strong fashion. But this pallid "Dynasty" barely gets out of the gate before it begins to lose steam.

What's strange about this update of the ‘80s classic is how earnest it is. Of course, sincerity doesn't have to be a fatal flaw for a nighttime soap (in fact, the CW's "Jane the Virgin" overflows with it). There must be some rooted, semi-realistic elements in even a lavish drama for the characters' struggles, betrayals and double-crosses to have any impact. But this "Dynasty's" seriousness of intent is not balanced by enough wit and canny character development, nor is it offset by consistent injections of flair or fabulousness.

The Dynasty reboot premieres Wednesday, October 11, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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