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Send more tissues STAT.

Another season of This Is Us, another Costco-sized box of tissues. The season 2 premiere of the hit NBC show left us with new clues about how Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) dies and a range of emotions — all of which left us curled up in a ball sobbing on our couch. If that sounds like you, too, know that you are not alone: The season 2 premiere was the most-watched episode of This Is Us ever. Here are the best This Is Us quotes from the season 2 premiere that made us ugly cry.

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This Is Us Season 2 Premiere Quotes

William Hill, in a poem to Randall Pearson: "Things not said, Advice not given, Envelopes unstamped, Regrets enveloping me. Is it easier there? I wonder, I ponder, I guess. Yes I guess, yes."

Kevin Pearson, acting in a Ron Howard film: "Baby, I love you. and I wanted to bring you to the perfect place, I wanted to say the perfect thing, but I can't say the perfect thing because you are the perfect thing."

Jack Pearson: "They're gonna be fine. We'll be fine." Rebecca Pearson: "Not yet. I need to stop feeling so disappointed, and I need to feel something else first. But we'll talk soon."

Randall: "It is perfectly normal for a mommy to go to work and a daddy to stay home. Women can do anything. Look at Hillary Clinton!"

Kevin: "Well, listen, the Kardashians aren't going anywhere." Sophie: "You promise?" Kevin: "I promise. They're like gremlins. By next week there'll be like a bazillion more of them."

Kate Pearson to fiancé Toby Damon: "The sexiest thing about you is how sexy you make me feel."

Jack to Miguel: "No sheets! Sheets are for long term guests. I'm not a long term guest."

Jack, sitting by the phone: "She's gonna call."

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Rebecca to the Big Three: "We're gonna go to the movies! We're gonna go see the one with Tom Hanks at the dollar theater and we're gonna give ourselves over to Tom Hanks and he's gonna make us feel so much better about the mindblowingly upsetting crap that's going on in our heads! Yeah? Great! Gonna be fun."

Rebecca to Randall: "Our marriage wasn't perfect, it's true, but none are. And your father wasn't perfect either, but he was pretty damn close. As close as they come. He pushed a stranger on me, and that stranger became my child, and that child became my life. He became you."

Randall: "My mother said there's no such thing as a perfect marriage, but on that I have to disagree with my mother." Beth Pearson: "I didn't think that was allowed." Randall: "Today I'm allowing it. Because we're perfect, Beth, and I know this, you see, because I am a perfectionist, so it's kind of my bag, you know. Been chasing after it my entire life: perfection. And I fail and I fail and I fail, and the failure leads to self doubt and self loathing and just all— and all this other crap I got muddled up inside here. But when it comes to you and me, baby, there ain't nothing muddled there. We are perfect together. We are perfectly imperfect, and I didn't even know that was a thing. You see, we don't follow one another, Beth. We don't push our own plans on each other. We adjust our plans together, and if I can't adjust you there, then I have to figure out another way to do this."

Kate, when she hears Kevin and Toby arguing about her: "Stop it. Both of you. I'm a 37-year-old woman, and I shouldn't need to be pushed or coddled — not by a man, not by a husband, not by a brother, not by anyone."

Beth: I know you have this notion in your mind, this notion of a perfect newborn that we can shape and mold from scratch like play-doh, but Randall, if we're really going to do this, I think this is the way. Your parents did something wonderful for you, and because of that you had a wonderful life, but things could have been very different for you. That could've been you. If you really want to do this, if you really want to risk our perfectly imperfect life for something, let's go all the way. Let's take in an older kid who no one else in the whole damn world is gonna help."

Kate, post-audition: "Yeah… That did not go well. No, no, no, it's OK because it wasn't about my weight or my age. It was about my lack of ability, which is fantastic because I can do this. I know I can do this. I'm just gonna have to work my way up. But ohhh, I need a drink. Does anyone want a nightcap?"

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