The Best Plastic Champagne Flutes With Amazon Prime Free Two-Day Shipping

The Emmy Awards are almost here! If you're getting ready to host an Emmys party, there's one thing you simply cannot forget: champagne! The stars will be popping bubbly all night to celebrate their favorite television shows, actors and actresses, and you should too! (That is, if you're of legal drinking age.) As you're getting ready to welcome your guests, don't forget the plastic champagne flutes. Whether you don't have enough glass flutes or you just don't want to do quite so many dishes after you've had a few glasses yourself, here are the best plastic champagne flutes with free two-day shipping in every price range that would work great for your Emmys party — or your New Years Eve party, Golden Globes party, Oscars party... Really any day worth celebrating!

Our tip: Buy a few extra champagne flutes and use them on the dessert table. Serving individual-sized desserts in champagne flutes is a festive way to present your treats!

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The Best Plastic Champagne Flutes

Here are the best plastic champagne flutes available with Amazon Prime two-day shipping. All of these options are reusable, should you decide to store them for another party, or disposable. We're listing these from least to most expensive, though prices may vary slightly if you decide to buy more or less of the item. (Since price isn't always the deciding factor, we've also further categorized the flutes!)


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Best Inexpensive Plastic Champagne Flutes

The best inexpensive plastic champagne flute costs just $12.21 for a pack of 50 glasses — that's just 24 cents per glass!

Best Classic Plastic Champagne Flute In Bulk

The best classic plastic champagne flute is available in bulk at $49.99 for 120 glasses, or just 42 cents per glass! Since a classic shape is always a safe bet, we also recommend taking a look at this item in lower quantities if you're not hosting such a large group.

Best Colorful Plastic Champagne Flutes

If you're the type of person who likes to add a little color to life, these colorful plastic champagne flutes are just what your party needs! A pack of 20 glasses is just $8.79, or 44 cents per glass.

Best Multi-Use Plastic Champagne Flutes

Looking for a champagne flute that can also be used as a cocktail glass? Check out these multi-use plastic champagne flutes, that easily go from day to night parties thanks to their unique shape! They're sold for $19.99 for a pack of 42 flutes, so that's just 48 cents each.

Best Stylish Plastic Champagne Flutes

For a flute with a little more glamour, try this stylish plastic champagne flute. They're just $57 for 96 glasses, or 59 cents per glass.

Best Elegant Plastic Champagne Flute

These elegant plastic champagne flutes are sure to add a touch of sophistication to any party. A pack of 60 flutes costs $41.99, or 69 cents each.

Best Stemless Plastic Champagne Flutes

If you're worried about accidental spills, perhaps a stemless plastic champagne flute is the way to go! These go for $47.99 for a set of 48, or 99 cents each.

Best Dishwasher-Safe Plastic Champagne Flutes

If you do plan on reusing your plastic champagne flutes for the next party, these are the best dishwasher-safe plastic champagne flutes. While each of the above options can be washed by hand and reused, if you have a dishwasher, chances are it becomes your best friend during post-party clean up. These are a bit more expensive at $19.99 for a pack of 4, or $4.99 per glass, so consider this an investment piece.