Did Taylor Swift's First Single Off Reputation Leak?

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Did Taylor Swift's First Single Just Leak?

Taylor Swift announced her upcoming album, Reputation, will be released on November 10, 2017, and her first single is set to debut on August 24. But as is often the case in this age of the internet, secret details may have been leaked ahead of the song's debut!

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Here's The Reputation Album Info That Leaked

According to Select All, a sleuthing fan who goes by the pseudonym levi_valvi on forum ATRL.net uncovered Taylor's announcement ahead of her announcement. In addition to the album name and key artwork, the fan discovered that the album will have a total of 12 tracks, with the first single in the fourth slot. The biggest news to come out of this revelation, however, is the length of the first single: 8 minutes and 47 seconds!

Soon after posting, levi_valvi's leaks made the rounds on Twitter, prompting the user to delete his initial report, but not before fans took screenshots of the information to continue spreading the news!

Why Is Taylor Swift's First Single From Reputation Nine Minutes Long?

While we won't know for sure whether Taylor's first single is, in fact, almost nine minutes long until it comes out, fans are already having fun speculating as to how this first single could be so long.

One fan is sure that the song includes the uncut version of the "Famous" phone call, during which Kanye West asked Taylor's permission to mention her in his song. Kim Kardashian leaked a recording of the call on Snapchat after Taylor claimed to not know that the song was coming out.

If the rumors are true and she is bringing back that recording, it would really explain all of Taylor's snake references leading up to the reveal. Regardless, we're just excited to hear the new music.