Did Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Already Know About Taylor Swift's New Album Reputation?

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Did Taylor Swift Tell Kim Kardashian And Kanye West About Her Album?

Taylor Swift announced the upcoming release of her new album, Reputation, on social media on Wednesday, August 23, after previously deleting all photos from her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Earlier in the day, Kim Kardashian posted cryptic Twitter and Instagram posts of her own, begging the question: Did Kim and Kanye know about Taylor Swift's album announcement?

What Did Kim Kardashian Post On Social Media Before Taylor's Album Announcement?

Early Wednesday morning, Kim used Twitter to tell her fans she has "so much to do today," presumably to explain her absence from the social media platform for the rest of the day.

She also posted a photo on Instagram of sunstruck clouds clearing the sky with the brief caption, "Good morning."

Good Morning

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What Did Kim Kardashian's Instagram And Twitter Posts Mean?

Kim posted her notes shortly after Taylor posted a biting snake head on her Instagram. While we can't know whether Kim was in on the entire announcement — especially given the precarious history between the two — it is possible that Kim opted to step back from social media for the day in anticipation of Taylor's bigger announcement to come, declaring herself too busy for Twitter and stacking her Instagram with positivity and light.

We do know one thing: With a history like theirs, we'd definitely be worried if Taylor posted a snake in action.

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