Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 8: The Newest Cast, Taglines and Photos

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Real Housewives of New Jersey returns on Wednesday, October 4. To prepare for the latest happenings among our favorite group of Garden State women, here's everything you need to know about the new season of RHONJ, including the official photos of all the season 8 cast members and each of the ladies' season 8 taglines!

Housewife: Teresa Giudice

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Teresa Giudice — wearing Faviana in the above photos — is the only housewife to have appeared on every season of RHONJ since season one, and her streak continues. The Italian mother of four girls — Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana — is way more than a housewife. She's also a New York Times bestselling author: Her 2016 memoir, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again, which she wrote during her stay in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud, reached the number two slot on the list. While in prison, she found her balance practicing yoga, hence her centered-yet-tough tagline:

"If you're not about the namaste, get the hell out of my way."

Now, Teresa is back at home with her daughters while her husband, Joe, serves his 41-month prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud.

Housewife: Melissa Gorga

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Melissa Gorga joined the RHONJ cast during season three, and has been around ever since. She is married to Teresa's brother, Joe, and the sister-in-law duo has had a rocky past. During season seven, the two women maintained a truce, which seems to still be the case — at least during most of the season eight trailer.

The mother of three — Antonia, Gino and Joey — is also a businesswoman: She launched her own clothing boutique, Envy by Melissa Gorga, casually plugged in her tagline:

"The only life I envy is my own."

Housewife: Dolores Catania

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Dolores Catania joined the RHONJ cast during season seven, and she's back for round two. A longtime friend of Teresa's, Dolores is a single mom of two — Gabrielle and Frankie — though her ex-husband, Frank, made many appearances on the show during season seven. It seems like her loyalty may come into question this season, judging by the trailer, making her assertive tagline all the more perfect:

"Look loyalty up in the dictionary and you'll find my face."

Housewife: Siggy Flicker

Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo

Like Dolores, Siggy Flicker joined the RHONJ cast for season seven and is returning for season eight. The outspoken relationship expert is always quick to advise her friends on how to meet in the middle — and it sounds like she gets into some arguments herself this season — and at home, she's all about her relationship with her two children, Sophie and Joshua, whom she shares with ex-husband Mark Flicker. She made her grand entrance during season seven wrapped in post-facelift bandages, so, naturally, her tagline combines two of her favorite things:

"My motto is: Know your worth. Leave the rest to your plastic surgeon."

Housewife: Margaret Josephs

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Margaret Josephs is the only non-returning housewife this season, and so far she's already been making headlines thanks to her signature pigtails. The newest housewife, known as the "Powerhouse in Pigtails," is a lifestyle expert who loves having a good time. And on that note, her tagline:

"I bring the power, the pigtails and the party."

Friend: Danielle Staub

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Longtime RHONJ fans will remember Danielle Staub from the first season of the show, and in season eight, she's back! Well, kind of: She isn't back as a full-time Housewife, but she will be featured as a Friend this season. Let's think of this as a stepping stone.

In the meantime, since she isn't officially a Capital-H Housewife, Danielle is without a tagline this season. Keep your fingers crossed she gets her own tagline next season.

Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres Wednesday, October 4, at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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