Is Peter Kraus The Bachelor Season 22?

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Is Peter Kraus The Bachelor Season 22?

As the end of summer nears, Bachelor fans get ready for the next season of The Bachelor to begin filming, and one question lingers on all of our minds: Is Peter Kraus The Bachelor season 22?

As we await official word from the powers that be — or, you know, ABC — here's what we know about the chances that Peter will serve as the leading man for the next season of The Bachelor.

Will Peter Kraus Be The Next Bachelor?

Considering the fan power behind Peter is strong, it seemed like it would be a pretty good move for him to be the next Bachelor. In fact, show creator Mike Fleiss tweeted out lists of power rankings for the top five contenders, and Peter has come out on top numerous times!

Peter wouldn't be the next Bachelor without some caution. Since his exit during Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette, there has been some speculation as to whether Peter is ready to commit to marriage.

Thankfully, Peter has expressed that he is open to being the next Bachelor. On Wednesday, August 9, he told Michael Strahan on Good Morning America that, if asked to step into the role, he'd "have to think a lot about it."

Not-so-thankfully, Fleiss announced on Twitter that Peter "probably will not" serve as our next Bachelor.