Lady Gaga Announces New Netflix Documentary Five Foot Two

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What Do We Know About Lady Gaga's Netflix Documentary?

We were all surprised when Lady Gaga announced her new Netflix documentary, Five Foot Two! She made the big announcement on her Instagram and Twitter pages.

Following the recent release of Lady Gaga's personal album, Joanne, the singer — whose real name is Stefani Joanne Germanotta — is about to open up even more. Here is everything we know about Five Foot Two so far.

When Is *Five Foot Two* Coming Out?

According to the Mother Monster herself, the documentary will be debuting worldwide on Netflix on September 22.

Additionally, the film will have an official premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2017, just ahead of it's global release. Lady Gaga will be presenting the film at TIFF and will give an intimate performance for attendees.

What Does *Five Foot Two* Mean?

Lady Gaga's new documentary is called Five Foot Two, which, not coincidentally, is also her height. Yes, Lady Gaga measures in at a modest 5'2, even though she may seem taller in the eyes of her Little Monsters.

Gaga herself is aware of this, opening her announcement with, "I'm known for being larger than life, but really I'm just... #GagaFiveFootTwo" on Twitter before sharing a series of clips and artwork from the documentary.

Using her true height as the title of the documentary makes us think we are about to get a very intimate look at the pop star.

When Did Lady Gaga Film Her Netflix Documentary?

Director Chris Moukarbel filmed Lady Gaga starting in 2016 after her previous album, Artpop, didn't get the reviews she had hoped and leading up to the release of her follow-up album, Joanne. At the time, Gaga had just turned 30 years old and was figuring out who she was at this point in her life.

What Can We Expect From Lady Gaga's Documentary?

According to the TIFF description of the film, Lady Gaga will address her tense relationship with Madonna, her increased political activism and finding balance in her career.

In clips shared to Twitter and Instagram, Lady Gaga also talks about the loneliness of the spotlight, shows the lead-in to her Super Bowl halftime show and lets viewers in during a visit to her doctor's office.

Based on this information alone, we are sure Lady Gaga will be opening up more than ever before!

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